Nov 2019
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Configurable Office Furniture Systems, Courtesy of Compatico

Office employees stay productive when their workstations fit their work methods. If you need an easy-to-configure furniture system for your office, Compatico has what you need. The AO2 Furniture System and the AO2 PolyPanel System are interchangeable setups, and can be designed to suit any office task.

Take a few minutes and learn why these furniture systems are so effective.

Easily Integrates With Herman Miller Action Office Systems

AO2 System Used to Designed Two Distinct Workstations in an Office

One of the benefits of the AO2 Furniture System is that its pieces easily integrate into existing office setups. In particular, it can be designed into the Herman Miller Action Office Series 1 and 2. This means you can use the system to configure your workstation to suit any task or assignment, even if you already have a furniture setup in place.

The system is backed with lifetime warranty, but is more cost effective than other similar products. This is because we work around your budget to ensure that you get a great system that you can reasonably afford.

Helpful Components for an Effective Workstation

All the components of the AO2 Furniture System are BIFMA-approved, so they are up to the standards one would expect from an office system. The panels are designed with TAAC™, Compatico’s special development system. They offer tackable and acoustic benefits, making them excellent for organizing documents and minimizing outside noise.

The AO2 PolyPanel System easily retrofits with the AO2 Furniture System, making it easy to design a distinct, panel-based workstation. You can use both systems to create an effective corner design without spending a lot of cash. And with the plastic raceways that come with the AO2 System, wire management is a breeze.

A Wide Range of Customization Options

PolyPanel Set Up Into a Segmented Office System

The AO2 Furniture System also offers plenty of customization options, which makes it easy to design a system that suits your tastes. A wide range of colors and finishes are available, including:

  • Black Umber
  • Innertone Light
  • Medium Tone
  • White Wonder
  • Metallic Silver

The following features are also available for the PolyPanel & AO2 System:

  • Tiled Hard Surface
  • Lamination (Wild Cherry, Fashion Grey, & more)
  • Fabric Tackable/Acoustical Panels
  • Marker Board
  • Pass-through
  • Glass design (clear, smoked, frosted)

In addition, over 15 fabrics are available to choose from. With these customization options, you can design a furniture system that suits you.

Easy Construction & Fast Shipping

Red AO2 Furniture System

Thanks to the design of AO2 hardware, assembling your new workstation is a cinch. Whether you are building something fresh or expanding your current station, the components of this system easily fit together.

The base panels work with a variety of height stackers, allowing you to easily set your ideal height. Four stacker heights are compatible with the system: 6″, 8″, 14″, and 18″.

In addition, we’ll work with Compatico to ensure that your purchases arrive at your office in the shortest timeframe possible. This helps reduce downtime, and your employees will be able to get back to work right away.

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