Workstations, Dividers & Barriers: Social Distancing In The Workplace

Deflecto Barrier

Reopening An Office & Social Distancing Using Workstations, Dividers & Barriers

While you try to recover from the impact of the economic shutdown, the last thing you need to worry about is if your office is set up properly. Between employee safety, CDC guidelines and the ongoing fear of another quarantine, navigating the murky waters of re-opening an office can be overwhelming.

How Do We Design Offices To Be Socially Distant?

Unless you were already set up for it before the pandemic hit, reconfiguring your office into a safe and socially distanced space will take a bit of planning. Your office re-design could be as simple as adding sneeze guards and social distancing barriers to collaborative spaces, or it could mean a complete office reconfiguration.

Office Planning With Social Distancing Guidelines

As businesses slowly start to reopen and employees go back to work, the “new normal” makes it even more challenging to create a space where your employees feel safe and secure. New guidelines, restrictions and the overall comfort of customers, clients, and employees all need to be thought through in detail before they come back to the office.

Let us help you through it. We’ve been designing office spaces in the Galesburg. IL and Monmouth, IL areas (and beyond) and guiding businesses for decades. We’ve become experts at adapting to a shifting world and leveraging office space for growth, and now we can help your business do the same.