Oct 2022
This Office Trick Saves You Money Every Year
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What’s the most aggravating piece of equipment in the office? If you just shouted, “The printer!” you’re not the only one. Printers and copiers are frustrating because they are important; in the digital age, if you’re printing something, it’s because you have to, not because you want to. But what do printers and copiers do? They jam, they break, they slow the office to a crawl, wasting time, wasting money, while employees become more and more stressed and less and less productive.

The answer may seem simple: buy a new copier. But is that going to fix the problem, or just push it down the line to be solved again someday? No, the better option is to prevent unexpected spending with regular service calls, frequent maintenance, and prioritizing Repair over Replace.

Let’s examine why buying a new copier can cause more problems than it fixes, and why servicing and repairing your office printer is the better solution.

The Real Cost of a New Printer

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When the copier breaks down, your first impulse may be to replace it. The modern age has primed us to believe that technology is disposable, and whenever The New Thing comes along, we need to toss The Old Thing. That may be okay for smart phones and tablets, but if you buy a new printer every time your old machine hits a snag, you’re just wasting money.

The cost of a new copier can reach into thousands of dollars. The worst part? The spending doesn’t stop there.

Replacing Supplies

Take a peek in the storeroom. Remember when you saved money by buying months’ worth of ink and toner cartridges in bulk? Unfortunately, your new printer uses different cartridges, so you can toss out everything you’ve got in storage and be ready to spend more cash restocking your office.

Are Your Employees Professionals?

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It’s a safe bet that your employees aren’t trained to maintain and repair your office copier. No matter how handy Bill in Accounting is you didn’t hire him to fix the printer. Expecting your employees to operate outside of their job requirements is a great way to lose productivity, time, and money.

Lose Time, Lose Money

Think back to the last time your office got a new copy machine. Remember how all you had to do was plug it in and stand back as it magically connected to all the computers in the office and started printing immediately? What’s that? You say you spent days training people on the new machine, installing new drivers into every computer in the building, and checking and double-checking network connectivity? Sounds like repairing your machine, instead of replacing it, would’ve saved time, money, and hassle.

Now for The Good News

Two Sharp Printers for the Office

Hopefully it’s clear to you by now that replacing your office printer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, what should you do instead?

At OSI, we don’t just offer solutions that will increase productivity, we back them up with our expert support teams. That’s right, OSI is your one stop shop for printer/copier needs, from toner cartridges to onsite service and maintenance calls. Our specially trained, highly qualified service professionals are standing by to keep your business moving.

OSI Helps You Stay Sharp

OSI is proud to be an authorized dealer of Sharp brand copiers and multi-function printers (MFPs). No matter the size of your business, Sharp has a machine that will go above and beyond satisfying your printing needs. Sharp products are made for every budget and are designed to last. Combined with our stellar support staff, Sharp copiers and MFPs will keep your business humming along at peak efficiency.

Whether you require a desktop color printer for small projects, a black and white workhorse for the whole office, or a machine that has something for everyone, Sharp has the right machine for your business. Pair the perfect machine with our Managed Print Services for the ultimate solution to office printing.

OSI is an authorized Sharp dealer for the following Illinois counties:

  • Fulton
  • Henry
  • Henderson
  • Knox
  • Mercer
  • Stark
  • Warren

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