Computer Sales

Computer Sales: Galesburg, Peoria, Moline, Burlington, Bettendorf

We offer custom built systems and servers to meet your specific needs, while providing full support and warranty services. Why buy a computer from Office Specialists, Inc. (OSI), rather than a different company? This is a frequent question that new customers ask.  While we can’t speak for other companies, we can tell you that at OSI we build quality systems with hardware and compatible software that has been proven to work.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

We build what you need and don’t overload systems with “free” software packages that will reduce your productivity. We only install what you need. We stock all of the components on hand to service our products. From our 10+ years of being in this industry and working with business and residential customers, we have garnered the experience needed to know what is and is not needed.

Growing and Learning to Better Assist You

Our technicians are constantly training and learning new technologies. They receive training from Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Symantec, and Kaspersky just to name a few. We have top level support from our vendors and never hesitate to call them if needed. We strive to take care of your Network from the smallest to most complex problems.We want to help and offer support for any level that you need.

Hardware We Support

We are resellers for HP, Toshiba, Dell, and Sony, as well as supporting a variety of additional hardware. If you’re required by your corporate office to purchase a specific brand, that service is available.

Warranty Information

Any warranties with HP, Toshiba, Dell, Sony or other hardware vendors, must be processed directly through the manufacturer. Some of these warrantees require users send their machine to them, which would cause downtime in your home or office. One of our goals at OSI is for your network to be up and running all of the time.

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