Dec 2022
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As employers continue to lure employees back into the office there is one tactic that has big results without exploding the budget. Studies show that a well-stocked, well-organized breakroom improves employee mood to such an extent that we see gains in productivity and hours spent in the office.

So, what does the perfect breakroom look like?

Feels Like Home

Coworkers gathered around with coffee socializing

What’s the number one thing a breakroom must provide? That’s right: a break! Create a relaxing environment with the comforts of home so employees can truly rejuvenate themselves. Consider including couches and armchairs for softer spaces to sit. A kitchen table with family style seating creates a sense of togetherness and loyalty.

If possible, replace harsh lighting with warmer tones to give the eyes a rest. And the right color speaks volumes. For instance:

Blue Promotes Honesty & Trust

Orange Encourages Productivity

Yellow Creates Optimism

Perks for Employees, Benefits for the Business

One of the hidden perks of the Perfect Breakroom is the opportunity for savings it offers employees. Instead of spending their time and money on coffee, water, and snacks, they save both by staying in the office. What’s the advantage for you? Well, employees who stay in the office instead of going out for coffee and lunch just get more stuff done in a day. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The more needs you can satisfy in the office the less likely workers are to leave during the day. The increases in productivity will far outstrip money spent on healthy snacks.

Everyone Deserves a Treat


It can be tricky to provide for every employee’s dietary needs. Allergies, religious restrictions, medical conditions – the only way to prepare for them all is with as wide a variety of snacks as possible. Nut free, dairy free, gluten free, it’s important to have options for everyone. That’s why we carry a wide range of individually wrapped snacks and single serving meals.

Get stocked up on these snacks and single serving meals as a first step towards your new breakroom:


Keurig K3500 Coffee Brewer

Keurig K3500 Coffee Brewer

An office without coffee is like a heart without blood; you’re not going to get much done. Most likely you’ve already invested some amount of money and storage space into a coffee solution for your office. It may be time to upgrade, however, depending on the size of your office.

For workplaces with smaller staff, you may consider the K3500 Brewer from Keurig. You’ll never need to refill this coffee maker, as it connects directly to water lines. This brewer fits five different cup sizes from 4 ounces to 12 ounces, providing the wide variety of choices Keurig is famous for.

Need to be able to brew more than one cup at a time? No problem. This three-burner stainless steel coffee brewer has a slim profile at just over 15 inches wide but holds up to 36 cups of hot coffee.



Avanti 1.1 Cubic Capacity Stainless Steel Touch Microwave Oven

The good news is that no one expects your office to have a full kitchen, but there are a few appliances that every break room needs. We’ve already discussed the importance of a good coffee maker, but what else do we need?


If you have the space for a full-sized refrigerator, that’s terrific, but that’s not a solution for everyone. Keep this glass front mini-fridge full of cold drinks so your workers always know where they can hydrate. The fridge’s compact footprint means it can fit just about anywhere and is useful everywhere.


A Wall-mounted television is a great way to save space while giving employees the opportunity to catch up on the news, watch a game, or just channel surf for a few minutes while enjoying their lunch or brewing an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cooking & Reheating

No breakroom is complete without a powerful, sleek microwave. This Stainless Steel Touch Microwave Oven features a removable glass turntable, making it easy-to-clean. And with 1,000 watts of power this oven cooks and reheats food quickly and efficiently.

Fresh Water

Water Cooler Dispenser

Avanti Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Not sure if a traditional, refillable water cooler is right for you? Not ready to pull the plug on a dispenser plumbed directly into the water line? This hydration solution offers bottom-loading ease with the option to tap into the water line when you choose to upgrade your plumbing. Whatever you decide, water is always a smart choice.


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