Buy Local

Buy Local Galesburg, Illinois

Buy Local Galesburg, Illinois

We’re proud to call the Galesburg, Illinois area our home. It’s where our owners have lived all of their lives and it’s home to the majority of our employees. The more we can do to play our part in keeping our neighbors employed, the better, and that’s one of the reasons why buying local is so important. described this great city best: “It has a rich history of citizen involvement and collaborative endeavors, boasts a truly unique public-private partnership to encourage economic growth.” Historic Galesburg is rich in its quality of life – let’s keep it that way. In our opinion, when you make a conscious effort to buy local you are saying to your community “I care about your economic growth and I support you.” Buying local stimulates the economy and keeps more money and jobs in the community. In addition, buying local is better for the environment. When people have to travel shorter distances by vehicle let’s say to make deliveries, they make a smaller carbon footprint than if they were to travel farther. Less fuel is emitted into the air and less energy is used preserving the environment.


Buying Local by the Numbers

The buy local movement is sweeping the nation. Think before you buy. Sources: 1. 2.

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