May 2017
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The Office Specialists Inc. Advantage When shopping around for office products or furniture, it may be easy to go to a big box store. This is because these stores make themselves accessible and offer a wide range of services and supplies. Though this might all be true, shopping locally for your office supplies will put …

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Apr 2017
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Function & Style Are you looking for a desk that looks great and offers storage solutions for every application? Whether you need something for a private office, semi-private office, open plan, collaborative or more, the Voi Desk from HON has everything you need. Voi creates an integrated design for the entire workplace. It can be …

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Mar 2017
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Did you know that the office products you use every day could be harming the earth? According to Office Finder, incorporating green or eco-friendly office products into your work space is on the rise due to the many benefits it can provide. This is because implementing these products can save you money, reduce energy waste, …

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Feb 2017
Employee Spotlight: Brian Jennings & Scott Adcock
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Office Specialists is proud to introduce you to two of our new Sharp Service Technicians! Both Brian Jennings and Scott Adcock have been with OSI for about seven months. During this time, they have become valued members of our team. Below you will discover what a typical day in the office looks like for them …

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Feb 2017
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Embracing the advancements in technology is not always easy, but it’s imperative. According to Forbes, adapting to technology is not something that can happen overnight. This is because your company needs to learn how to operate new computer services, understand software, apps, mobile platforms and more. In order for this to be implemented in your …

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Jan 2017
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With the new year in full swing, 2017 is turning out to be a year of advancement in the office product industry. The growing trend in most offices seem to be leaning towards an overall need for an easier and more organized work space. Ergonomic office products are becoming higher in demand due to their …

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Dec 2016
[Infographic] How to Create An Office Using Feng Shui
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Office space planning is a crucial factor to consider when designing your work space. The art of Feng Shui practices the idea of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment. Incorporating Feng Shui techniques and principals into your office design and office furniture can help limit stress and improve productivity. Looking for more ways to revamp …

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Nov 2016
Product Spotlight: The Remastered Herman Miller Aeron Chair
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Herman Miller’s Remastered Aeron Chair: A Standard in Office Furniture Are you tired of looking for chairs that don’t meet your everyday office needs? Look no further, Herman Miller’s remastered Aeron chair could be the answer for you. With the first Aeron chair making its debut in 1994, Herman Miller has since been adapting and …

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Oct 2016
Customer Spotlight: Carl Sandburg College
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We are proud to profile our customer Carl Sandburg College. We enjoyed partnering with them on promotional products and apparel, including screen printed or embroidered polos, tees, jackets and hats to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary. We also take pride in helping the college and their students by participating in three annual scholarships. Take …

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Sep 2016
Small Ways to Improve your Breakroom
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The breakroom can be the center of productivity and a happier and healthier workplace, if designed and stocked properly. Having the right breakroom supplies and interior design can make a big difference in improving employee morale. We highlight simple, yet effective ways to improve your company’s breakroom.

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