Nov 2022
Managed Print Services Save Your Business Time And Money
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If there’s anything the 21st century has taught us, it’s that the old ways are not always best. For decades the business norm has been to manage printing and copying in-house. Traditionally, businesses would purchase expensive machinery for each department, and expect the IT team to repair hardware, maintain software functionality, provide ink, toner, and paper, all while doing their best to match the printer fleet to your business requirements and keep costs low. If reading that felt exhausting, imagine how the folks in IT feel.

A Different Approach

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Managed Print Services are an increasingly popular solution for the problems of printing. Managed print services, also known as outsourced printer management, can help you both increase the efficiency of your printer fleet and reduce printing costs significantly. Instead of dealing with all your printing problems in-house, these services would:

  • Provide a fleet of state-of-the-art multifunction printers
  • Handle all print related purchasing (paper, toner, machinery, etc.)
  • Maintain and repair machines as needed
  • Prevent waste
  • Manage print materials

In short, a managed print service, or MPS, would let you focus on what you do best, while experts handle the business of printing.

Reduce Costs

This sort of service must come with a hefty price tag, right? Actually, the managed print services from OSI will save your company money, with savings starting to add up almost immediately by reducing or eliminating spending on:

  • IT Labor
  • New Equipment
  • Consumable Materials

Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at how managed print services from OSI can enhance your bottom line.

Cut Internal IT Demands

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IT staff may be the most important, yet underappreciated, workers in any company. Whether it’s upgrading systems, equipment maintenance, or solving connectivity issues, every hour of an IT worker’s day is spent doing important work. With MPS, your IT staff won’t have to worry about troubleshooting, maintaining, or repairing the office printers, freeing staff up for more immediate concerns. This has the added bonus of reducing stress for your IT employees, creating a healthier and happier office environment.

By relying on trained experts, you know repairs will go quickly, and last longer. And if something does go wrong? Call the printing professionals and let us worry about it, while your IT department goes on about their day.

Proactively Servicing Machines

With managed print services from OSI, our team of service technicians are standing by to perform maintenance and repairs at a moment’s notice. The right equipment, coupled with ongoing support from our team of experts, enhances productivity across your organization. Our service technicians are:

  • Highly Trained
  • Professional
  • Eager to provide excellent service & support

Reducing Supply Inventory

With OSI’s managed print services, you’ll save money and space by reducing your supply inventory. No more bulk purchases of paper or toner cartridges clogging up the storage closet, and no more last-minute purchases when you suddenly run out of paper. Maintaining printing material inventory is our job, and you’ll never upset the budget with unexpected spending if you notice you’re running low.

Go Green, Not Paperless

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A blog about Managed Print Services is not going to waste time suggesting your office go paperless. But a good MPS provider will help reduce waste and promote efficiency, helping you to Act Green without having to Go Paperless.

MPS helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact by focusing on efficiency, and providing the right machines for the job. Printing more efficiently not only conserves printing materials like paper and ink, but will even save money on your electric bill.

With managed print services, you don’t have to worry about replacing or recycling ink and toner cartridges – the company you outsource it to takes care of all that for you. By allowing your MPS provider to recycle cartridges, or at least dispose of them correctly, you prevent toxic chemicals from seeping into water supplies or food chains.


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