Oct 2022
Product Spotlight: HON Tangram Educational Setups
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*all photos (including banner photo) from hon.com

When it comes to educational furniture, HON Tangram is second to none. Each piece comes in several variations of size and shape, designed to fit the ever-changing needs of the modern school. Available in dozens of bold fabric colors and surface finishes, Tangram educational furniture gives you full control over design and customizability options.

Basic Design, Advanced Results

Tangram Set-Up
Source: hon.com

When Tim Buchenberger and Rick Joutras of QDesign sat down to design Tangram, they quickly decided to focus on clean geometric designs featuring basic shapes, as geometric shapes and patterns help children learn and retain information. Children with the opportunity to interact directly with patterns and shapes perform better on cognitive assessments that measure word recognition and categorization skills. On a physical level, patterns and geometry give students something tangible to understand while they are learning new material.

To quote Tim and Rick, “As learning environments evolve from static to more flexible team learning, the need for adaptive seating has grown.” Which is exactly why the Tangram line is made up of pieces to create a variety of educational settings, including:

  • Large, open pieces for discussions and lessons
  • Small scale pieces for individual work or privacy
  • Modular “building blocks” that allow students (and hands-on teachers) to use their imaginations when creating seating areas and workspaces

The Importance of Durability and Flexibility

Tangram Set-Up
Source: hon.com

The modern classroom may seem like a rambunctious place to an outsider, but what looks like chaos to the untrained eye is actually a thriving learning environment. Students and teachers need robust furniture that will hold up to heavy daily use.

The fact is, what some of us may still think of as “non-traditional” classrooms have become the norm. Classrooms, just like business offices, need to be ready to adapt. Students are expected to collaborate, investigate, and problem solve. Very few classrooms feature students at desks, facing the same direction, while a teacher stands at the front of the classroom delivering a lesson. Students need to be able to move and arrange their environment for specific intentions.

Let’s take a closer look at what HON Tangram has to offer.

In-Line Tables

Tangram Classroom Design Layout from Brochure
Source: hon.com

Similar to how adults benefit from standing and movement during the workday, children learn better when they aren’t confined to a chair. Tangram in-line tables create unique opportunities for student workspaces. At just over 16 inches tall, these tables feature hard finished work surfaces, so students can choose to sit on the floor while working.

Tables come in three shapes:

  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Traditional Square

Elementary and younger students will enjoy mixing and matching these shapes to fit the work at hand. In-line tables also include optional power outlets, depending on the needs of the classroom.

Lounge Pieces

Tangram Lunchroom Set-up from Brochures
Source: hon.com

Modular lounge pieces can be arranged for meals, group work, reading time, or any other classroom activity where comfort is required. Designed to maximize collaborative space the square, arrow in, and trapezoid lounge pieces can gang together, but the arrow out lounge piece and optional high backs can provide privacy or individual space for independent tasks. Modular Lounge Pieces have the option to include power outlets, so that students can stay connected and energized.

Ottomans & Poufs

If you’ve seen one ottoman you’ve seen them all, right? There can’t be much customization available for such a simple piece of furniture. But the HON Tangram ottomans come in eight different configurations from traditional square to an ingenious 120-degree design wide enough for multiple sitters and perfect for creating devoted spaces in a large room.

Similar to ottomans, poufs have a smaller footprint, but they don’t skimp on versatility or comfort. Poufs are a great place for tired bodies to put their feet up and recuperate. Add a tray or similar sturdy surface and poufs can be used as a typing desk or informal workspace.

Story Steps

Story Steps are an incredible way to introduce levels into the classroom and allow students to explore vertically. The dual level design adds extra seating areas to the classroom or can be used for display or storage. Story Time will always be a thrill with this unique classroom addition, available as:

  • Stoops
  • Steps
  • Benches
  • Perches

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