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Sharp AQUOS Board

Are you looking to revolutionize the way you display information in your boardroom or office? The Sharp AQUOS Board is much more than your typical whiteboard. The AQUOS Board is an interactive display system that will completely change the way you’ll view communication. Each board is equipped with web conferencing capabilities so collaboration can take place between employees that are on and off-site. Your typical office meetings will become interactive and entertaining thanks to the board’s ability to display videos, photos, charts and more. The built-in touch screens are highly responsive and include touch pens that allow multiple people to write on the board at the same time. No matter where you choose to use the Sharp AQUOS Board, it will have a big impact on the way you communicate.

An Easy Way to Make a Big Impression

Benefits and Features

Featured Models from Sharp

PN-L401C PN-L603B PN-L603W
Sharp AQUOS Model PN-L401C Sharp AQUOS Model PN-L603B Sharp AQUOS Model PN-L603W
PN-L703B PN-L703W PN-L803C
Sharp AQUOS Model PN-L703B Sharp AQUOS Model PN-L703W Sharp AQUOS Model PN-L803C

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