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With the presence of COVID-19, the use of disposable food service items in restaurants and offices has skyrocketed. Not only in our local Galesburg and Monmouth businesses, but around the country. While disposables help protect against infection, our roads, walkways and waterfronts are now littered with plastic forks, cups and take out containers.

At the same time, cleaning supplies have been flying off the shelves of local markets. Bleach and other potentially harmful chemicals are now standard janitorial supplies. They are effective at killing the virus, but they also get into our water sources, harming the wildlife and people who rely on them.

This sudden switch to only disposable items and increased use of cleaning supplies has consequences for our environment. We already see them:

  • Clogging our lands and waterways with litter
  • Filling our landfills faster, which leads to the creation of more landfills
  • Wildlife dying from eating the waste animals find in their natural habitats
  • Releasing chemicals that irritate our eyes, throat and lungs and that may lead to potential health problems

Switching out office, cleaning and restaurant supplies in your local IL & IA business to those less harmful to the environment will help you stay eco-friendly in this post pandemic disposable world.

By buying eco-friendly products with us here at Office Specialists, you will also be supporting a local business with local delivery.

Think Green When Purchasing OSI Office Products

Why should you care about buying local?

Buying local

  • Reduces the amount of packaging (less shipments = less plastic, cardboard and packing material)

  • Cuts back on emissions used by long-haul shipping methods including planes, trucking and freighters

  • Local suppliers often have discounts and special pricing for other local businesses, which improves the local economy

  • Local providers understand different brands and can recommend eco-friendly alternatives that you may not know of

At Office Specialists, we recognize that businesses are in different stages of their journey to become more eco-friendly. That is why we don’t offer a “one size fits all” model with any of our business partners. We are here to help in whatever way works best for you.

Whether you’re looking for the latest compostable plate for your restaurant, a toxic-free cleaning spray for classrooms or or refillable, non-aerosol odor neutralizing sprays, we offer eco-friendly choices for supplies in every industry.