Additional IT Services

At OSI, you are a customer and not just an account number in our system. Our IT services are designed to help you. We are just around the corner when you need us.


Email Filtering and Encryption Service

Email Filtering and Encryption ServiceProtecting your business network requires effective, robust, and reliable email defenses. At Office Specialists, Inc. (OSI), we offer email inbound filtering as a cloud-based solution that blocks more than 97 percent of spam, viruses, worms, fraudulent messages, and other malware. These blocks help eliminate the costs of contamination, remediation, wasted bandwidth, and unnecessary storage. Since this is an in-the-cloud service, there’s no hardware or software to buy or maintain. As a result, there are no or low spam-related costs associated with this ever-growing threat. In addition, we can encrypt your emails through this same service. Email encryption is a HIPAA compliance requirement for all medical practices.

Remote Encrypted Backup

Our online secure backup service offers the advantage of securely storing your files at off-site server locations. This way, your data stays intact and available even if your local disks are stolen or your premises are damaged by weather or theft. With more and more emphasis on “cloud computing,” it only makes sense that backups should take advantage of this hot trend in technology.

Backup depends on Internet connectivity and runs every night. After the initial file and folder load, the backup only backs up changed files each night. Due to this, your bandwidth is saved for anything else that may be required during this timeframe. The backup is encrypted before it leaves your system and then is encrypted on our servers.


We offer a network-shared calendar that can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This secure password protected SharePoint calendar can be shared with 2 people or 25.

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