Oct 2022
Product Spotlight: HON Nucleus Chair
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OSI is proud to shine our spotlight on the HON Nucleus line of office chairs and stools. HON is one of the most trusted names in workplace furniture, and the HON Nucleus features a recharged design and more opportunities for customizability. Whether you are looking for an everyday chair designed for comfort and productivity, or stackable guest chairs that are easily stored when not in use, Nucleus has more options than ever before.

As always, comfort is key. To quote Nucleus designer Marcus Koepke, “If you sit on a chair that’s uncomfortable, you’re sitting on it. If you sit in a chair that’s comfortable, you’re sitting in it. With Nucleus, you’re definitely sitting in your chair.”

Here are a few options to consider when creating the perfect chair.

Task Chair


The Nucleus doesn’t look like a “normal” office chair, and frankly it shouldn’t because it isn’t made like a normal office chair. Designer Marcus Koepke was inspired by the feel of a hammock and decided to remove the traditional seat pan from the design of the Nucleus. That way, when you sit, instead of bottoming out on a hard plastic or metal surface, you are comfortably supported by the foam seat. Inside the foam is a mesh covered frame that distributes your body weight evenly, for increased comfort.

Guest Chair


The HON Nucleus Series Recharge Guest Chair is designed to offer visitors to the workplace the same comfort and support your employees enjoy, without taking up valuable office space. The Guest Chair’s fixed arm design allows stacks up to four high, making it perfect for multipurpose rooms, common areas, or extra seating at company events.

Stack-ability does not come at the cost of comfort. The back of the Recharge Guest Chair pivots and flexes with you and is made of flexible four-way stretch mesh that increases breathability while supporting your spine.


Source: Hon.com

The Nucleus Chair’s science-backed design prioritizes support and comfort but doesn’t skimp on style. As a matter of fact, the Nucleus allows for levels of customization that will compliment your office design.

With comfort baked into every option, it’s time to make your chair yours. Let’s take a look at just some of the opportunities for customization.

The Right to Chair Arms

Source: Hon.com

When you’re thinking of the perfect office chair, you might not spend much time thinking about the arms. But with Nucleus you have an important choice to make. Available in three different options, customers choose from:

  • Fixed Arm Design – Perfect for Stack-ability
  • Adjustable Arm Design – For total comfort control
  • Armless Design – For complete range of movement

Whichever you decide, you’ll rest easy knowing that you made the decision that’s best for you.

Hard Vs. Soft Casters

Nucleus even allows you to consider the comfort of your workplace. What sort of floors will your Nucleus be on? If your office is carpeted be sure to select the hard casters for your chair to roll on. An office floor made of wood, laminate, or tile would prefer a soft caster, please, to prevent scuffs, scrapes, and scratches.

While Nucleus lets you make the best choice for your floors, a nice floor mat for hard floors or carpet will always add extra protection and ease of movement.

Support Your Back

Source: Hon.com

Depending on the model you select, Nucleus chairs are available with either a 4-way stretch mesh back, or a traditional upholstered look. Because the Nucleus is designed from the inside out with comfort in mind, you’ll experience the same level of comfort and support whichever you choose. The choice ultimately depends on your personal sense of style.

Establish a Base

Nucleus Task Chairs are outfitted with a rugged, plastic base, probably similar to the chair you’re sitting on right now. For folks with a flair for style, Task Chairs are also available with a Polished Aluminum base designed to stand out in a crowd.

Select a Color

Nucleus gives you full control of color customization. With fabrics and designs available in dozens of colors, you pick the perfect fabric for your foam reinforced seat, choose the pattern of your 4-way stretch mesh back, and select the right color for the frame of your Nucleus chair.

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