HON Now Office Furniture Catalog

The HON Now Furniture Quickship Program 

OSI is proud to offer the HON Now Furniture Quickship Program, which offers a turnaround time of only 5- to 10-days. We also have a HON Now Quickship Plus Program that offers a 5-day turnaround, with a nominal additional cost. Both programs have the same catalog offerings to accommodate any budget and timeline. 

Our wide range of top-quality office furniture is perfect for today’s modern office. Versatile and durable, HON Now Office furniture is perfect for businesses looking to open a new office, or those looking to expand or even downsize. Our HON Now Quickship Programs offer office furniture solutions that meet tight timeframes without the trade-off that generally comes with it.  

Versatile and Durable Office Furniture Solutions

Today’s dynamic office requires furniture that can work in private office spaces as well as open and collaborative environments. The reception area needs to reflect your businesses success and ensure your clientele is impressed. HON Now office furniture is made with the modern office in mind. Even if you just require a desk, workstation, chair, table, or storage solutions, we have it all. You won’t have to compromise on quality when a speedy delivery time is required.



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