Feb 2021
Product Spotlight: Husky 824 Quick Care Disinfectant
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The Four-In-One Disinfectant That Cleans Deep

Remember the early days of the pandemic when you couldn’t find a Lysol wipe and we searched for ways to make a healthier workplace?

A lot has changed since then, including the tools and resources available to fight COVID-19, protect employees and keep the doors of local Illinois & Iowa businesses open.

The New Era of Cleaning Supplies & Janitorial Equipment

Disinfectants and janitorial supplies have advanced and improved over the last year. We know now that cleaning is not enough: surfaces and workspaces must be disinfected and sanitized properly to keep employees and customers safe from harmful pathogens.

Husky 824 Quick Care is the new era of disinfectants: a four-in-one formula that:

  • Is effective against SARS-Related Coronavirus [SARS-CoV-2] in 3 minutes
  • Cleans and Disinfects in One Step
  • Sanitizes hard surfaces in 15 Seconds
  • Slows the growth of molds and mildews

But more importantly than all that? This disinfectant kills most bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes or less. Re-order in bulk sizes to take one more step towards staying eco-friendly in a post-pandemic disposable world.

Now, more than ever, we’re relying on products to keep us safe. Office Specialists is dedicated to bringing the latest, top of the line janitorial equipment and supplies to our communities, including quality, Husky floor cleaners and non-toxic aerosol sprayers.

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