Jan 2021
Product Spotlight: Ultra Mist Sprayers Odor Control

Kill Odors (Without Killing The Environment)

How do you know when a room has been cleaned? Is it the absence of cluttered surfaces? Maybe it’s a shine or sparkle to a newly disinfected countertop. Mostly though, it’s that fresh, clean scent that makes us feel as though we’re in a safe, sanitized environment.

Cleaning the workplace with top of the line janitorial supplies is only half the battle… it also needs to smell good. Create a healthy & happy office for you workforce by keeping it sanitary, bright & odor free.

Jaws Professional Ultra Mist: The Aerosol Alternative

Wouldn’t it be great to produce clean smells anytime, anywhere? Through even spraying, non-aerosol misters, the Ultra Mist can neutralize bad odors in an instant.

When compared to traditional aerosol “air fresheners”, the Ultra Mist professional grade sprayers:

  1. Are Greener (With A Safer Chemistry):
    With no dyes, a bio-based formula, and odor-binding fragrances that cancel out scents.
  2. Offer Enhanced Performance:
  3. Using a fine aerosol mist and continuous, even spray pattern that’s effective against even the strongest odors.

  4. Are Reusable & Refillable:
  5. Saving you 70-80% in costs when compared to traditional aerosol sprayers.

  6. Come in Sustainable Packaging:
  7. Refillable formula is delivered in eco-friendly recyclable containers.

Get rid of expensive and less effective aerosol odor sprays for good by switching to the more modern & efficient Jaws Ultra Mist sprayer. They are eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to use, store and purchase through Office Specialist’s online ordering system.

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