Feb 2021
Product Spotlight: Husky 710 Floor Cleaner Neutralizer
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Remove Stubborn Salt Stains With Advanced Floor Cleaner

When you’re running a business, first impressions are crucial. The entrance to your workspace must exceed customer and client expectations, or they might not make it past the front door.

In our cold Illinois and Iowa winters, these entryways are also the first places to get hit with salt stains, boot debris and pooled water from melting ice and snow.

Usually, it takes more than a little elbow grease and basic floor cleaner to get up those unsightly salt rings, but Husky’s 710 floor cleaner works fast, giving you back a sparkling clean entryway without the extra work.

Husky 720 Floor Cleaner & Neutralizer

Neutralize floors and clean them with this all-in-one, highly effective solution from Husky.

  • Highly concentrated
  • Quickly removes salt residue
  • Can be used as post stripper rinse to neutralize floor surface
  • Ideal for ice melt residue removal

The winter months can be hard on floors. From floor cleaners to disinfectants and aerosol sprays, Office Specialists has the janitorial equipment and supplies to keep your business clean and safe through even the harshest seasons.

Get enhanced cleaning products that elevate your workspace.

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