May 2020
Tips for Healthier Workplaces in a Landscape Changed by COVID-19
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Planning a Workspace That’s Safe From COVID-19

The strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic has pushed businesses to start reopening their doors. This means office workers will soon be returning to the workplace, even as the coronavirus affects the world around us. When the dust finally settles, the office landscape may never be the same.

The truth is that germs spread quickly in enclosed spaces, so people are understandably worried about going back. That brings us to the following question: how can I keep my team safe at the workplace? Read how you can promote a healthy work environment for employees.

Outfit Workstations With Panels from HON Office Furniture

Panels From HON Used to Build a Workstation

Source: HON

To keep employees safe and healthy, your workplace needs to flexible. HON’s Abound and Accelerate lines offer a wide range of panels that let you to customize your workspace. By building them into existing workstations, you can create private spaces that allow workers to socially distance in the office.

In addition, these panels are available in vinyl and laminated designs. These materials are easy to clean, making it easy to get rid of germs throughout the workday. With these panels in hand, you’ll be able to protect your employees from contagious viruses and germs.

Let us help you configure your quad-city workspace with workstations, barriers and dividers so that employees feel safe while social distancing at work.

Collaborative Seating That Promotes Social Distancing

Flock Chairs & Couches Separated From Each Other

Developing collaborative spaces for employees is going to be tricky. You need to keep people at a safe distance, while still allowing them to work together. That’s why HON’s range of collaborative seating options is perfect for any office environment. These comfortable, café-style chairs are available in a wide range of colors and are ideal for any office.

They’re also lightweight, so you can move them around your space to find the perfect configuration. This makes keeping employees 6 feet apart no problem, so the chairs are ideal for social distancing. Since these products are often made with cleanable materials, you’ll be able to keep collaborative spaces germ-free.

Offering Individual Storage Options

Black Mobile Pedestal Filing Solution from HON

Source: HON

With fears about the transference of germs on everyone’s minds, workplace designers will have to reevaluate office storage. Everyone needs to get documents from cabinets and having to wipe them down all the time will be a pain. Therefore, shared storage might not be the best thing for offices right now.

One possible option would be to give workers their own personal storage options they can keep around their workstations. That way, workers can access documents and other personal items without any fears. The Mobile Pedestal from HON is one option that would be perfect for this kind of setup, due to its compact size.

Focusing More On Teleconferences

Several People Meeting Up On Zoom, With a Laptop

The coronavirus pandemic will have a noticeable effect on traditional office meetings. With the fear of viruses spreading from person to person, having so many people in one room may not be such a smart idea. As more people get used to teleconferences, it would be wise to use them more often at the office.

Rather than have the staff gather up for every big meeting, employees could meet virtually instead. Not only does this keep employees safe, it also means meetings can start up quicker. Big office meetings will still be held when needed but expect virtual meetings to become a standard for many businesses.

What Other Companies Are Doing

Companies are working to develop ways to keep employees safe in the office, and a few notable examples have emerged recently. American real estate company WeWork is planning to incorporate social distancing stickers around its facility. These stickers will be spaced out on the floor, to remind employees about keeping 6 feet apart.

Also, a business firm in Durham has also set up its own design plans for social distancing offices. The impact of the coronavirus cannot be understated; it’s forced designers to think outside the box. Many of the old philosophies won’t work anymore, and new ideas are needed to keep all types of workers safe and healthy.

If you’re looking to update your office with a new layout, you should incorporate HON’s office furniture into it. The company’s smartly designed furniture will keep employees productive and safe at the workplace.

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