Jan 2020
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Home Office Ergonomics & Furniture Tips

Even if you’re new to the concept of working from home, office ergonomics are still important. While you may be working in a different environment, you still need to design a workstation you’re comfortable using. The more comfortable your home office is, the easier it will be stay productive, in spite of the massive changes around you.

Use these tips and tricks to improve the ergonomics of your home office and ensure that you’re staying healthy and productive.

Try Standing Up With a Sit-Stand Converter

Coordinate Sit-Stand Base
Source: HON

One of the best ways to create an ergonomic home office is by setting up a sit-stand workstation. There’s good reason this is one of the top home office trends in 2021. Having the option to stand while working will help alleviate stress that you’re putting on your muscles, while also helping you burn some calories.

The Coordinate line from HON Office Furniture offers multi-purpose tables that allow you to adjust the height of your workstation with ease. Thanks to a built-in motor, you can set the height of your desk in a matter of seconds. Try to stand while you work and reduce the amount of time you’re spending in an office chair.

Work on a Laptop? Grab Some External Tools

Monitor and Mouse

Working on a laptop at the office is easy to do, since you are often provided the tools you need to stay comfortable while you work. At home, however, it can be much harder to work on a laptop. For example, your new workstation might make it more difficult for you to keep your hands in a comfortable position while you type.

If you don’t have a regular computer to use at home, you might want to invest in an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor to use at home. That way, you can hook them up through your laptop and create a more traditional work setup. This will make it easier for you to look at the screen and keep your hands and arms in a comfortable position.

Working From Your Couch or Bed Can Be Unhealthy

Woman Working on Couch

One of the biggest temptations you’ll get while working at home is the desire to work from your couch or bed. While this does sound comfy on paper, it’s actually an ergonomic nightmare. The backs of couches and beds don’t provide enough support for the spine, so working from them for hours on end could result in serious back pain.

Even worse, you’ll be tempted into slouching while you work, so it’s crucial that you furnish a proper workspace at home. Always work at a desk, and sit in a proper office chair that offers lumbar support. You won’t be tempted into slacking off, and you’ll be far more comfortable in the long run.

Set Your Monitor at the Right Height

Monitor Riser

To prevent neck strain and eye strain, your computer monitor needs to be set up properly. If you can view the very top of the computer monitor without having to bend your head up or down, you’re in the right position. Consider purchasing a monitor riser for your home office if you can’t adjust the height of your computer screen.

If you can’t get your hands on a monitor riser, you can make do with the things you have at home. For example, you could place a large, hardcover book underneath your monitor to bring it up a bit. Do whatever you need to make sure you aren’t bending your neck too much while you work.

Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Woman Sitting at Desk

Like when you’re working in a traditional office, it’s crucial that you keep your feet on the floor when working from home. Keeping your feet on the ground helps improve blood circulation and prevents cramps as you work. Ergonomic chairs from HON Office Furniture will help you keep your feet planted on the floor, while offering support for your back.

If you don’t have a height-adjusting chair at the moment, you’ll need something you can rest your feet on. We recommend that you buy a footrest so your feet can rest flat on something while you’re working. If you’re waiting for one to arrive, use what you can around the house to rest your feet until you get your hands on the proper one.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Natural Light

Room with Light

On a final note, you need to make sure that your office gets plenty of natural light while you’re working at home. Natural light makes it easier to see what you’re doing and helps reduce eye strain. In addition, exposure to natural light helps you feel less tired, and the risk of getting burned out will be reduced.

Try to work somewhere close to a window to ensure you get plenty of light as you work. Find a room with brighter colors on the wall and keep the blinds open. The light will reflect off the walls, and keep the room brightly lit.

In turn, you will stay in a productive mood throughout the workday. If you want to make sure your workspace has the proper ergonomics, be sure to use this checklist.

Office Specialists can supply you with all the tools you need to develop ergonomic solutions while you’re working at home. Take a quick look at the products we’re offering.

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