Jan 2020
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Office Equipment Tips When You’re Working From Home

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), thousands of office employees have found themselves working at home for the sake of their health. While some people may already have a place to do work at home, most do not. If you need to create a makeshift office space while you’re working from home, we can assist you.

First, we’ll help you figure out where you should set up your home office. Once you know where you’re going to work, you’ll get an idea of how much space you have when it comes time to furnish your home office with the latest office design trends.

Setting Up Your Office

Man Working on Computer

Before you buy anything, you should decide where you want to set up your home office. Having a quiet space is also helpful for when you have online meetings and teleconferences. To ensure that you stay productive, you need to work in a space that’s removed from the busier parts of the house so you can minimize distractions. If you have a spare guest room at home, that’s your best option. It’s out of the way, and you can shut the door to reduce outside noise. Having a quiet space is also helpful for when you have online meetings and teleconferences.

If you don’t have a spare room, you need to select a room that offers plenty of space and doesn’t get a lot of traffic. The room should also offer plenty of natural light so you can see what you’re doing. A dining area or your bedroom are the best options available to you, but you may need to get creative if space is limited. Regardless of how much space you have, there are many ways to set up a flexible workspace at home.

Below we’ve highlighted some affordable and flexible furniture options that are great for your home office. Be sure to pick them up if you want to stay productive and organized.

Get Set Up With HON Home Office Solutions

HON Voi Desk
Source: HON

If you don’t have a home office ready to go, you can get set up with a home office solution from HON now. HON Office Furniture offers customizable, cost-efficient furniture that’s perfect for any home office. You’ll have your choice of desk and chair, and you’re free to purchase other helpful tools, including monitor arms, chair mats, and desktop risers.

If you’re looking for something simple and to the point, products from the Voi line are perfect for your home office. For those of you looking to freely adjust the height of your desk, the Coordinate line is recommended. You can also pick up tables from the Preside collection.

The Office Specialists team will help you get set up with great office furniture you can use while you’re working from home.

Buying An Affordable, Ergonomic Office Chair

HON Ignition Chair
Source: HON

You’ll also need a comfortable and affordable chair for you home office space. You need something that can support you back and arms while you work for long periods of time, so a regular chair simply won’t cut it.

One option we recommend for you is the Alera Etros Series Mesh Back Multifunction Chair. This economical choice can be adjusted to fit all sizes and offers complete height and angle control. Its back has been constructed using comfortable mesh and offers lumbar support for the lower back.

Another recommendation is the Torch Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair from HON Office Furniture. This comfortable chair is effective, yet affordable, making it a good choice for those with lower budgets. Other options available from HON include the Ignition 2.0 and Solve models, so you many choices available to you.

Monitor Stand & Management Drawer

Innovera Monitor Stand

Another excellent option is the Innovera Monitor Stand with a Built-in Drawer. You need to make sure your computer monitor or laptop is properly lined up with your eyes so you can avoid straining your eyes and neck. With the stand’s stacking columns, setting the proper height for your workspace will be a snap.

Included with the stand is a drawer that’s perfect for storing office supplies. Not only will you have a way to raise the height of your monitor, you’ll also have a way to keep your desk free of clutter. Thanks to the stand’s compact size, you’ll have plenty of space for other important items.

Desk Lamp

Allera Desk Lamp

Depending on where you live, you might not be able to work in a space with a lot of natural light. If that’s the case, you need to grab a lamp for your desk. You need to have enough light while you work, or else you run the risk of straining your eyes and causing long-term damage.

The Architect Desk Lamp from Alera is a helpful tool to have. This compact desk lamp is perfect for any work environment, and lets you shine light right where you need it. Thanks to its tension knobs, you can lock the light in place and not have to worry about accidently shifting its position.

Looking to pick up a few things for your home office? Office Specialists can help you get everything you need.

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