Jul 2018
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A Work Desk That Suits Any Worker’s Needs

HON Workspace
Source: HON

If you want to easily adjust the height of your desk while you work, you should consider picking up the HON Coordinate Height Adjustable Base. With its easy-to-use motor, you can use this base to adjust your desk to a comfortable height. The base also supports the rising popularity of sit-stand workstations, since it can be raised to a height that allows you to stand while you work.

If you are interested, take a few minutes to read about what this adjustable desk has to offer.

Pre-Assembled Motor Allows for Easy Adjustments

HON Height Adjustable Base
Source: HON

The main feature of this base is the pre-built motor that can be used for quick height adjustments. Just set the motor to a particular height, and the base will adjust itself without you needing to physically move it up or down. This motor has four presets available, so if there is a particular height you like working with you can automatically set the base to that height at any time.

The motor, along with the base’s steel frame, have been thoroughly tested to meet the standards of clients. Use this motor to create an ergonomic workstation that is comfortable to work in.

Supplied With a Cord for Easy Outlet Access

With the HON Coordinate Height Adjustable Base, you do not need your own cord to plug your computer or other devices into nearby outlets. Each base comes complete with a 78 inch cord built into it. This long cable ensures that you will be able to plug in your devices, no matter where you are in the office.

Additionally, you can purchase cable troughs to organize your cables so they are not spread out across your workstation.

Other Features

  • Compatible with any HON work surface. Can also be retrofitted for many other existing work surfaces
  • Has a static load capacity of 353 lbs
  • While moving, the work surface has a dynamic load capacity of 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 30.0″D x 72.0″W x 23.6″H
  • Two and three leg models are available to suit the needs of different workers
  • Complements well with other office chairs from the HON line, such as the Ignition and the Nucleus
  • Works well with the Perch Footrest

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