Dec 2020
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2020 was a year for the books. No matter your industry or history, it’s safe to assume that your year was different than you’d planned. Not only that, but it changed the way many of us do business. In some cases, this change was permanent.

For the most part, businesses have reopened and employees are back to normal work schedules. Yet both at home and in the workplace, people are still working out of makeshift offices. This isn’t good for the business or the workforce.

It’s time to get back to business as usual. Use these office design trends with the latest productivity apps & programs to revamp the workplace for the demands of 2021.

2021 Office Design Trends

2021 Office Design Trends

Dynamic Workspaces

Dynamic workspaces are an increasingly popular design trend that utilizes moveable and adjustable furniture to create a practical and adaptable workplace. Whether you planned a full office move this year or a simpler office reconfiguration, choosing a dynamic workspace design will offer the flexibility and comfort that office spaces need in 2021.

Environmentally Friendly Furniture & Products

Ever since COVID-19 rendered reusable products unsafe, plastics, single-use items and disposable products are everywhere. You might not be able to avoid this completely, but you can mitigate the environmental impact by choosing eco-friendly products & furniture when possible.

Shopping Local

COVID-19 devastated small and local businesses, maybe even yours. Here at Office Specialists, we’re focused on shopping and supplying local products to help businesses in our West Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa communities stay afloat. If you’re able to do so, consider buying locally when designing your office space. Employees want to support their local businesses and will be excited to learn you’re doing the same.

Focus On Health & Safety

Employees were looking for healthier workplaces in a landscape changed by COVID-19, and that’s likely to continue in 2021. People will expect the added protection of dividers and barriers, social distancing measures and easy access to sanitation & janitorial supplies to feel safe and secure in the workplace.

Home Office Trends 2021

Home Office Trends 2021

Standing Desk Risers

After 2020, most people have spent enough time sitting around. Beyond that, sitting for long hours at a time is associated with serious health problems, including obesity and cancer. Standing desks can be costly and cumbersome, but standing desk risers are an easy to use, more affordable option.

Cozy & Functional Furniture

Working from home is a benefit and should be treated as such. Choosing office furniture that is practical and comfortable is a great way to make a home office feel like work with the benefits of being at home.

Home Office Space Planning Assistance

Many employees were pushed into home offices for the very first time over this past year. People set up makeshift desks in corners of rooms or propped their laptops up in their lap because they assumed it was temporary. But many of these same workers will continue to work from home or might have made the switch permanently. For them, it’s time to set up a proper office space. Providing home office space planning solutions will help them to design a home office that encourages focus and productivity while they work.

2020 is finally behind us. Office Supplies can help you plan for a better year in 2021 with a fully functional, comfortable and healthy workplace using our space planning and design services. Let us get you back into an office design that feels more like you.

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