Apr 2021
Dynamic Workspaces Dominate the Future of Office Design
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As more people are getting vaccinated, businesses are taking this time to figure out what type of office will entice their employees back to the headquarters. While the pandemic has shown us remote work is possible and, in some cases, more productive – a lot of businesses require in-person collaboration and therefore, remote work by itself is not always ideal. For most companies it is a mixture of both.

One thing is for certain, open offices with back-to-back desks are no longer a viable option. While the open office tried to break down barriers of hierarchy, the new, dynamic office must not only be safe and flexible, but it must also convince people to show up in the first place. In fact, according to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, over 40% of the global workforce will consider leaving their employer this year. It is more important than ever to cater to employees’ varied needs.

What is a Dynamic Office

The Dynamic Office is similar to the Open Office, but its main distinction is that it is a hybrid workspace that offers flexible in-office attendance. The Dynamic Office essentially re-evaluates the need for presence, proximity, and place in workspace design and planning. An effective work environment must have a wide range of spaces specifically designed for various work styles and it must be integrated with the right technology for that company’s needs. However, a dynamic workspace involves so much more than the design of the office itself.

The Top 4 Considerations for a Dynamic Office Setting & Design

Dynamic workspaces are in high demand this year. Office designers have to consider more than just moveable and adjustable office furniture. After having worked from the comfort of home, office designers have to lure employees and new talent into the office. There are 4 basic principles that designers have to consider: safety, health, flexibility, and eco-friendly.

Safety First

Woman at Her Desk in the Office Wearing a Cloth Mask on the Computer

First and foremost, the workplace must be safe. The pandemic has made an even deeper impact on the companies that need a substantial physical presence. This means improving your ventilation systems, stocking up on PPE, the proper janitorial supplies, and implementing social distancing. Companies are now changing the layout of their offices by including social distance barriers and purchasing new office furniture and supplies that are made from anti-microbial substances.

Workplace designers are considering the material of your office furniture and how easy it is to clean. HON’s Abound and Accelerate lines offer a wide range of vinyl and laminated panels that are not only flexible but easy to clean. These panels can easily be incorporated into your existing workplace stations.

Collaborative seating and storage spaces will also need to be carefully considered. HON has a range of collaborative seating options that are not only comfortable and stylish – they are also lightweight – making them easy to move around your office. Workplace designers are having to reevaluate shared storage spaces and how difficult it would be to keep these areas free from germs. Personal storage options that employees can keep around their own workstations have become a viable option. HON offers a perfect solution with its Mobile Pedestal.

Healthy & Happy

Ergonomic Chair and Desk in an Office

Creating a happier and healthier office is not just about social distancing and sanitizing. Designers want to pick ergonomic office furniture that is comfortable, practical, and adaptable. The sit-stand desk is a hot commodity this year, as it has been proven that sitting at your desk all day is unhealthy.

HON’s new catalogue offers a wide range of options that suit a dynamic office setting. HON’s Coordinate Line offers multi-purpose tables that will easily and quickly adjust to the height of your workstation. HON also offers a superior line of ergonomic chairs and seating options that guarantee comfort for you and your employees.

Obviously, social distancing will be considered when designing breakrooms, but comfort is also a consideration. Having the right breakroom supplies is a must, especially since employers want to entice workers away from their homes and back to the office. Making small improvements to your breakroom can make a big difference in employee morale.


Remote Employee on Conference Zoom Call

Today’s technology has transformed the traditional work environment into one that adapts to the personal needs of the employee. Remote working options and flexible hours are some of the things that the modern workforce is looking for. Companies that want to retain talent need to reshape not only their work culture, but the work environment as well.

A hybrid working environment has its benefits for employers as well. It opens new opportunities since you can choose talent from anywhere around the world. That being said, mixing in-person and remote workers presents new challenges for employers. Having the right office design and layout has never been more important. Flexible and adaptable office furniture and the right technology can help resolve some of those challenges.

Aside from having computers and a great IT service, there are other types of technology that cater to a dynamic office environment. Teleconferencing is essential when some employees are working from home and others are at the office. The Sharp AQUOS Board is an interactive display system that has web conferencing capabilities to allow meetings to take place no matter where your employees are.


Eco-friendly Breakroom

Buying eco-friendly supplies has never been more important. Creating a dynamic office encompasses much more than adjusting to a hybrid working environment. The pandemic has highlighted the need to make better choices.

For example, the restaurant industry only used disposable restaurant supplies for handling takeout. Now they are using these disposable supplies for every meal, whether the customer stays at the restaurant or orders the meal to go.

Disposable doesn’t have to mean wasteful; it is possible to choose eco-friendly products, not only for restaurants, but for offices as well. Employees will appreciate that the company’s breakroom supplies and janitorial supplies are safer for the environment.

The pandemic has been detrimental to small and local businesses. Office Specialists focuses on buying and supplying local products in our Eastern Iowa and West Central Illinois communities. Employees will respect the fact that your company buys locally as well.

Working remotely has its perks, but it also has its challenges. A lot of employees complain about Zoom fatigue and the inability to collaborate in a spontaneous fashion. Most people do not have the proper office furniture, like ergonomic chairs or sit-stand desks. Let’s not forget those with young children at home who are finding it difficult to separate home and work. Employers find hiring new people challenging as it is difficult to immerse them into the company culture remotely. People will return to the office, but our guess is that it won’t be as many as we had before the pandemic.

This is why dynamic workspaces are dominating the future of office design. If you are looking to renovate your existing office space, or if you are planning to move offices, we can help – from concept to installation and completion.


And we can help create your dynamic workspace.

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