Disposable Food Service Items & Restaurant Supplies For IL & IA

Disposable Food Service Items: More Important Now Than Ever

Local restaurants and offices in Galesburg, IL have been using disposable products for years. Now, with the sudden onset of COVID-19, these single-use items have become more important than ever.

Restaurants are busy adapting to the constant changes brought on by the pandemic. Previously, eateries only used disposable restaurant supplies for handling takeout. Now, all types of restaurants, from fine dining to casual diners, use disposable products for every meal, whether it stays at the table or goes home with the customer’s next takeout order.

It’s not just restaurants that are feeling the strain of change. Office employees are also finding new ways to use their kitchens and replacing reusable office breakroom supplies (which can be easily contaminated) with safer, disposable versions.

In this new COVID-19 world, the safety of employees and customers are businesses’ highest priorities. And your business is OUR priority. We’re making every effort to keep our disposable products stocked and ready so you can focus on managing a happier, healthier workplace.

Disposable Restaurant Supplies

Disposable Food Service Items
Because of the risk of infection, no one wants to handle items that are touched by other guests. And according to the latest CDC restaurant recommendations, they shouldn’t. In fact, the CDC recommends using disposable products in restaurants as much as possible.

For many restaurants, this means changing everything they were taught about how to set-up and serve guests.

An old table setting might have had bottles of condiments, sugar caddies and a cloth napkin to hold silverware. Tables these days have single use condiment packets, paper napkins and disposable forks. Where a leather menu cover used to be a sign of elegance, now, it’s a health and safety hazard.

If you’re finding it difficult to adapt, start with these easy swaps.

Instead of…
Ketchup bottles, salt & pepper shakes, or sugar caddies
Individual use packets
Hard menus
Menus printed on recycled paper
Cloth napkins & tablecloths
Compostable paper napkins and tablecloths
Customers handing payment directly to employees
Using hard trays to limit contact
Using a cloth rag to sanitize tables
Disposable disinfectant wipes

Right now, the important thing is to choose disposable restaurant supplies. But disposable doesn’t have to mean wasteful. To help stay eco-friendly in this post pandemic disposable world, we recommend choosing from our list of eco-friendly products.

During this public health crisis, offices and restaurants will need to keep up with growing hygiene and safety standards. Using disposable food service products and keeping janitorial supplies stocked will be the “new normal” for businesses in every industry.

As the restaurant world continues to change, we will help your business to change with it. With a wide range of disposable restaurant and office supplies, we are here to help your restaurant get through the COVID-19 pandemic.