Jun 2020
Stock Up On Anti-Microbial Office Supplies & Furniture For Work
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Products & Office Supplies With Antimicrobial Finishes

Antimicrobial protection is critical for office workers. Since germs and viruses spread easily, people are looking for an extra layer of protection right now. To alleviate their fears, stock up on janitorial supplies and invest in products made with antimicrobial materials.

There are different types of office supplies and furniture that are manufactured using these types of materials. Antimicrobial materials are designed to inhibit the growth and spread of viruses, so they keep office workers safe and healthy.

To promote a healthier work environment, you should shop for the following anti-microbial products.

Hand Soap & Cleansing Wipes

Bottle of Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Antimicrobial cleaning supplies are the most important items to buy. These include hand soaps, disinfecting wipes and other types of cleaning solutions. These supplies are essential for dealing with germs and viruses that are lingering in office hotspots.

Compared to regular soap, antimicrobial soap contains specific ingredients that are designed to kill germs on the spot. These ingredients also suppress the germs and prevent them from growing back. Hand wipes are also produced with these types of substances, such as ethyl-alcohol, making them effective at stunting bacteria growth.

When using these supplies, it’s important to be precautious. If you apply antimicrobial substances to your hands too often, you’re put at risk of making your hands dry. Focus on washing your hands at specific intervals during the day and keep your hands away from your face afterward.

Writing Utensils

Box With Chained, Antimicrobial Counter Pen

Pens, pencils and other writing utensils are often manufactured using antimicrobial materials. After the items are created, they’re coated with substances that prevent the spread of new germs.

Antimicrobial writing utensils are important to have because pens and pencils are often shared among office workers. If there are germs on your hand and you share a pen with a coworker, the germs have an opportunity to spread. With antimicrobial pens, this won’t be an issue.

Counter pens that are used at reception desks are prominently designed with antimicrobial substances. Since different people can come in to handle reception jobs on different days, these pens are shared often. Using antimicrobial pens ensures that germs don’t spread from person to person.

Computer & Desk Supplies

Antimicrobial Black Wired Keyboard

Office workers spend a lot of time on their computers, so investing in some antimicrobial computer supplies is a smart idea.

Several antimicrobial keyboards, for example, are designed using additives from Microban. These additives create a layer of protection on the keyboard, preventing bacteria and germs from spreading on them. Brand new computer mice have also been created using antimicrobial solutions.

Mouse pads and wrist rests are also recommended. Not only do they protect you from bacteria, they also keep your wrists comfortable as you work on long projects. The materials these pads are made with are also washable, so you can clean them off as an extra precaution.

Anti-Microbial Office Chairs

HON Task Chair in an Office Setting
Source: HON

In regards to office furniture, office chairs are often created with antimicrobial fabrics.

Like the keyboards mentioned above, these fabrics are treated with strong additives that fight bacteria. These fabrics also inhibit the growth of algae and mold, preventing the chairs from being stained or damaged. These fabrics are also cleanable, so you’ll be able to use cleaning solutions to clean the chairs without damaging the material.

HON Office Furniture carries a wide range of task chairs that can be outfitted with antimicrobial fabrics. Ultraleather Pro is one such example, and it comes in a variety of colors. Chairs with these fabrics are perfect for workstations, reception areas and more.

Other Types of Anti-Microbial Products

Black, Handheld Microbial Calculator

In addition to all the items mentioned above, there are several other antimicrobial office supplies available for purchase. These include the following:

All of these products can be treated with antimicrobials to keep your staff safe from the coronavirus and other bacteria.

Looking to buy antimicrobial supplies for your office? Learn more about our selection of office supplies.

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