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Feb 2022
How To Choose The Right Ice Melt For Your Facility

Whenever winter arrives, snowstorms often follow. And with them come sleet and ice, creating slippery roads, walkways and parking lots. A slip and fall can cost a company up to $50,000 in court costs and lawyers’ fees. Not to mention, it could keep an employee from work for an indeterminable amount of time. No one …

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Oct 2021

PPE: Preparing for Supply Shortages Around the world, prices are increasing for necessities that are in short supply, including personal protection equipment (PPE). These shortages have made one thing glaringly clear: we must stay organized with our current supplies. Two ways to stay prepared for product shortages are by keeping your inventory stocked with at …

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Jan 2021
Product Spotlight: Ultra Mist Sprayers Odor Control

Kill Odors (Without Killing The Environment) How do you know when a room has been cleaned? Is it the absence of cluttered surfaces? Maybe it’s a shine or sparkle to a newly disinfected countertop. Mostly though, it’s that fresh, clean scent that makes us feel as though we’re in a safe, sanitized environment. Cleaning the …

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