Apr 2020
Effective Ways to Design a Flexible Workspace for Your Home Office
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Crafting Efficient Home Office Solutions

Real world events have rapidly pushed the concept of working from home to being a normal part of the business climate. While current events play out, designers are working to create safer office environments for employees.

And yet, those who are comfortable with home offices are expected to keep using them. With the wide range of furniture available for home offices, this will be an easy transition for many people.

If you plan to use a home office in the future, you’ll need to work on building your ideal layout. Read through and see which office products and design layouts are perfect for your home office.


Creating a Traditional Office With HON Office Furniture

Standard Voi Desk From HON, With Grey Chair

source: HON

If you want to develop a proper home office, you’ll need the right office furniture. With the flexible options from HON Office Furniture, you can create a wide range of solutions for your home office.

If you’re looking to keep things simple, a Voi desk and an Ignition task chair will get the job done. This sturdy desk and ergonomic chair combo is perfect for any home office, and it won’t take long to install everything.

The 10500 Series is a bit more comprehensive, and offers a large range of desks that fit almost any style. These desks are good options if you’re looking to add a bit more style to your workspace.

White Coordinate Bases from HON

For those who want something more ergonomic, a sit-stand workstation might be more your speed. HON’s Coordinate line of adjustable bases allows you to create a workspace where you can sit or stand at any time. The ability to stand while working will help you keep healthy as you work long hours


Working With Limited Space

White Between Nesting Tables from HON Office Furniture

If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, you might not have a lot of room to work with. Fortunately, there are plenty of layout solutions for those of you who don’t have much room available.

One helpful item from HON’s collection is the Between Nesting Table. This comes with both a base and a table component and is very easy to assemble on your own. Thanks to this table’s compact size, you can nestle it under another table at the end of the workday and keep it out of the way.

If you’re having issues with storage at home, it helps to think vertically. Vertical filing cabinets, like the 510 Series 4-Draw Cabinet, are tall, and don’t take up much horizontal space. When you only have a small amount of space, this is very effective.


Benefits of Setting Up Many Workspaces

Desk, Cabinets & Chair for HON Home Office Furniture

It’s not the most common technique, but some people who work at home have a few workspaces set up. While this sounds like a waste of money and space, there is a method behind this idea.

When you’re working in the same space for hours on end, it’s easy to get into a creative rut. In a situation where this occurs, sometimes you need a simple change in scenery to get back on course. If you ever get stuck during the day, you can walk over to your other workstation for some fresh inspiration.

Also, you can develop these different workstations to suit different tasks. One could be a standard workstation used for writing and typing. Another could consist of a small desk and a lounge chair, which can be used for reviewing and reading documents.


Developing an Office in an Existing Room

Work Desk Set Up In Living Room With Chair & Bookcase

While some people will develop dedicated rooms for offices, not everyone has that luxury. Depending on how you have everything set up, moving everything around to make a workspace might be next to impossible. Fortunately, there might be enough space available that you can incorporate an office into an existing room.

For example, there could be some space right up against the wall of your living room. If you move your desk and chair against it, your workspace will be out of the way of everything else in the room. And if there’s a window there, you’ll get plenty of natural light as you work on your daily tasks.

If you have an old closet you’re not using anymore, you can set up your desk and chair inside. Not only will your workspace be out of the way from the rest of the room, it will be a nice, private space too.


Don’t Forget to Personalize

Brown Home Office Furniture With Blue Walls & Window

No matter how you lay out your office, it’s important that you take ownership of it. With no supervisors keeping an eye on things, you’re free to add as much style to your space as you want. A stylish office with a bit of flair can help inspire you to do some of your best work, so have some fun.

Hang up some paintings, inject a little color and incorporate other types of home décor. Theme your office around a general color scheme to keep it visually stimulating. Add some plants to keep the air clean around you and sprinkle in a few personal possessions you have.

The happier you are with your home office design, the more comfortable you will be working in it. This will keep you motivated during the longer workdays.


Through Office Specialists, you can get great home office furniture from HON. Be sure to look into the company’s offerings.

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