Apr 2016
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One of the most challenging aspects for a small business is fostering brand awareness. With the advent of the internet and digital media, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and more, small businesses are now marketing themselves online.

Word of mouth as well as person to person marketing is still popular, despite the advancement of online marketing. You know what they say – people love things that are free. Promotional products can help engage new customers while also emphasizing your brand name and logo. We outline the benefits of promotional products for small business and profile the top promo products.

Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Fosters Brand Awareness

Fosters Brand Awareness

When attending chamber of commerce, networking, trade shows, and other types of events, one of the primary goals is to have prospective customers recognize your brand name and logo. By giving out complimentary branded promotional products, you are achieving just that. Prospects will leave the event being able to recognize your brand and logo. People also appreciate the complimentary gift and will remember your business versus the competition.

More Affordable, Versus Other Marketing Channels

More Affordable, Versus Other Marketing Channels

When coming up with a marketing strategy, one will quickly realize that promotional marketing campaigns come at much more affordable cost versus the alternatives. Promotional products can be bought in bulk, which reduces the price per unit.

Promotional Products Serve a Purpose

Promotional Products Serve a Purpose<

Long after you have handed a prospect a promotional product, they continue to serve a purpose in the person’s life. For example, if you give out a transportable drive, the person will use this for professional and personal use, remembering your company every step of the way. The marketing potential of promotional products is significant as recipients will continually use your products even after the initial meeting.

Promotional Advertising to Word of Mouth Advertising

Promotional Advertising to Word of Mouth Advertising

Make sure your promotional products are something substantial and useful for prospects. Also, make them unique and stand out from the crowd. By giving out promotional products, the products can do the leg work for you. For example, if someone is using your promotional microscreen cleaner, a co-worker may ask about who gave them the product, which will in turn spark a conversation about your business. Word of mouth advertising is a free, yet powerful form of marketing. Let your prospects and promo products do all the work for you!

Top Promotional Product Categories

Are you curious which promotional products are the most popular? See what kinds of products you can customize for your small business marketing needs.

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