Dec 2021
Return To Work: Bringing The Home To The Office
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As we start to return to the office, many people are wondering how to readapt to office life after nearly 20 months working from home. We’ve gotten used to working remotely; many people are not sure how to approach going to the office again. Whether you are heading back full time or doing a hybrid work approach, here are some great tips on how to bring some of your home-office to your office-office.

Incorporate Plants

Conference Room with Glass Windows looking through to the Hallway and Plant Wall

Working from home allowed us to be more aware of our plants. We could water and feed them at the same time every day of the week, and were able to watch the growth over time like we’d watch an episodic television show. Bringing your plants to the office can help warm up your space. Maybe your workplace could have a plant wall? Having plants is great for air quality, not to mention they’re nice to look at!

Bring in Natural Light

Open Conference Room with Natural Light

One of the biggest office design trends we’ve seen for 2022 is natural light. It’s important not only aesthetically but also medically. Having more natural light dramatically improves workplace atmosphere, reduces eye strain, wards off seasonal depression, and increases productivity. Being able to have both plants and natural light will boost alertness among your employees almost overnight.


Sit-stand Desk and Chairs

What kind of seating you have and setting up the right workstation for you can both hugely improve both your comfort and productivity. A firm, yet cushioned chair with arm rests could be the most comfortable option for you. Maybe you’d prefer a stationary chair rather than a rolling chair. Or perhaps you use a sit-stand desk, and an adjustable stool will be best.

Whichever you prefer, make sure you’ve got it ready in your office for when you return to work. This will make the adjustment back to the office even easier!


Employee Typing on their Laptop while Drinking Coffee

Did you purchase a fancy coffee machine over the last year and a half? Coffee is in integral part of most people’s workday. Having the kind of coffee you prefer available to you is the difference between 30 seconds away from your desk to run to the breakroom and 20 minutes away from your desk to run to the coffee shop. Having an office coffee service will improve productivity, save time and money, and keep your employees and customers happy.

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