Aug 2021
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What Is The Best Workstation For You?

When considering what you can do to improve your workstation, ask yourself a few questions:

    • Do you prefer a seated or standing desk? Perhaps an adjustable desk?
    • Does your job require you to be on the phone and the computer simultaneously?
    • What kind of chair do you prefer?
    • What kind of storage do you need?
    • Do you use a laptop or desktop computer?
    • Does your computer screen need to be elevated?

There’s lots to consider when thinking about how to enhance your workspace.


One of the first things to consider with a desk is whether you are visited by clients at your workstation. That will determine the size and accessibility of your desk. If you are, you will need an area where clients can sit and meet with you.

Sitting Desks

Do you prefer a seated desk? This can allow for much more comfort throughout the workday. If your work requires you to be on the computer and the phone at the same time, a seated desk may work best for you.

sit_stand1 sit_stand2sit_stand3

Sit-Stand Desks

If you would prefer a standing desk, we can help you there, too! Standing desks keep your body activated throughout the day so you can focus on your work. These desks and accessories are adjustable so you can stand up or sit down throughout your workday to avoid any physical problems. But don’t forget an anti-fatigue mat!



Next to consider are your seating options. How you sit can dramatically affect your workplace comfort and productivity. Not to mention, the seating you offer any clients who visit your workstation is an opportunity to impress them with comfort and versatility.

Rolling Chairs

If your job requires you to have to move around from your desk to a filing cabinet to a phone, a rolling chair will be best for you. Adjustable seating, armrests, and a swiveling seat will help you stay productive and comfortable.

rollingchair1 rollingchair2rollingchair3

Stationary Chairs

Not everyone wants their chair to be mobile. Maybe you would rather a stationary place to work from – we have plenty of options for you.

chair1 chair2chair3


If you prefer a standing or sit-stand desk, a heigh-adjustable stool may be a great option for you. It allows you the freedom to sit or stand without having to adjust your desk! Stationary or rolling, we have the stool for you.



Storage has always been something we struggle with in our workstations, but with OSI’s convenient storage options, you won’t have to worry about where to find your paperwork.


Whether it be files or folders, bottles or flat-packed bags, your accessibility to storage is paramount to your productivity. OSI has anything and everything you will need to build your workstation storage areas and keep your paperwork and products safe.



In order to efficiently work, some things need to be within arm’s reach. Our bookshelves and bookcases are varied and well-made, giving you both options and peace of mind.


Desktop Storage

Keeping our desks organized may sometimes seem an impossible task. But with OSI’s desktop organizers and storage, that task becomes achievable. And an organized space means an organized mind, allowing you to be more productive at work.



Other Available Amenities

To make your workstation as efficient as possible, you may need some other items. OSI has everything you to outfit your workstation and meet your needs.

Monitor and Laptop Storage

Whether you use a laptop, desktop, dual monitor setup, or a tablet, studies have shown that having them closer to eye level reduces neck and back strain. Take a look at some of our great options.


Mouse Pads and Wrist Wrests

Keeping your wrists and hands in a comfortable position relieves strain and allows you to work more efficiently. OSI has a variety of versatile options for you.



Sensitive information must be shredded. We all know this. OSI carries the most reliable shredders to ensure your employees and clients personal information is properly destroyed.


Any of these products seem like they’d be a good fit for your workstyle?


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