Mar 2021
Adaptable Office Systems For A Changing Workplace

Forget everything you thought you knew about workplace design. Now that we’ve ridden out the ups and downs of this past year, it’s safe to say all the usual “standards” have been thrown out the window. Offices were shoved into living room corners and vacation homes, all while dividers and barriers were installed between the public and employees. If there’s anything we learned throughout this process, it’s this: the workplace is now a fluid space that moves, changes and adapts.

What does this mean for your workplace? And how can you set yourself up for success, no matter what comes next? The key is adaptability.

Customizable Office Furniture

Hon Office Furniture, Solve Seating

The quality of your office furniture shouldn’t change with your needs. HON Office Furniture has over 60 years of experience and for decades they’ve adjusted to changing businesses without compromise.

Their latest catalog is no exception. From comfortable, modern entryway pieces to stylish and adjustable office desks and chairs, HON offers countless ways to update your workplace on the fly to meet new demands.

Browse HON’s 2021 furniture catalog to find high-quality furniture that is easy to use and move as needed.

Office Reconfigurations

Office Reconfigurations

If you’re constantly swapping out old furniture for new ones, or moving cubicles around to accommodate the changing workplace, how do you keep a cohesive office space?

Through structured design plans. Professional planning and design services can help your office keep a clean, contemporary look despite all the changes. Get a customized layout for your space that can easily be re-structured and adapted as needed, so you never get caught in that messy in-between. You can get started with our free office space planning and design guide.

Over the past year, Office Specialists has continued to adapt and change our own structure to better accommodate your needs. From stocking deep cleaning disinfectants to continuing our focus on eco-friendly office products, we’re making sure that we have everything your office needs to adapt and grow during these challenging times.

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