Nov 2020
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It’s that time of year, the season for large gatherings and joyful celebrations. Or at least, it usually is. But in 2020, these special get togethers might not be possible.

Employees often look forward to holiday parties all year, and we know that as employers, it means a lot to give them this time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the year’s hard work. Even though we might not be able to gather as a group, there are still ways to celebrate this holiday season.

We put together a list of alternative ideas that will show your employees how much you appreciate them without throwing the usual party.

Better Virtual Holiday Parties

Better Virtual Holiday Parties

At this point, most offices are familiar with zoom happy hours and birthday parties. Virtual parties have become the new normal for most of us, both at home and in the workplace. After months of getting to know them, we’ve rounded up tips to help you make the most of a virtual holiday party.

Incorporate Games & Activities into the Party

Sitting on screen and chatting can be fun…until it’s not. After the initial catch up and connection, it’s probably better to move on to an activity to keep everyone engaged. Choose from one of the many online games or experiences online, karaoke or trivia being two fun ones if you have a more outgoing team.

Book A Virtual Event

Don’t want to do the work of “hosting”? Schedule a professional to take over the lead for a fun, virtual experience. Schedule a:

  • Cocktail party hosted by a professional bartender
  • Specialty tastings of cheese, beer or wine
  • Zoom tea party
  • Virtual class where you spend time learning a skill as a team
  • Time to watch a virtual event live from The Orpheum Theatre

Holiday Gift Alternatives

Holiday Gift Alternatives

Gifts show employees that they are valued beyond just their normal workdays. It’s a reminder that they are appreciated and helps them to feel seen in a new light. 2020 is not the year for grab bags, but there are other ways to give this holiday season.

Send Swag Home

Who doesn’t love free swag? Spoil your employees with branded promotional products. Company gear unifies the team and helps to instill a sense of belonging, especially important when you can’t be physically together.

Donate Party Or Gift Funds To An Employee Chosen Charity

No matter how you choose to celebrate, having a large, luxe holiday party is out of the question for most companies in 2020. What to do with that budget line, now?

Many non-profits have had a hard year, and giving to local ones such as Galesburg Community Foundation and United Way Of Knox County can restore a sense of connection within our community. Consider donating your usual party funds to organizations in need.

Engage your staff in the process and it’s something everyone can feel good about. You could let each employee select their own charity or have them vote to choose one that best represents the team’s values.

Tips To Host An In Person Party

Tips To Host An In Person Party

If you have your heart set on an in person party and have the ability to do it, make it safer by:

The holidays might not be the same in 2020, but we’re here to make it easier for you to celebrate with your colleagues, employees and team members this year. Whether you’re moving offices in the new year or stocking up on supplies to get your workplace through the winter months, we’re here to help.

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