Jan 2019
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Hottest Supplies for 2019

If you want to complete tasks efficiently and organize your workspace, you need to have the proper office supplies. Advances in technology allow manufacturers to develop new products that help office workers get assignments done more efficiently. Office Specialists carries several great products that can help you in 2019, so get ahead in the New Year by shopping for these great office supplies.

Directional Desktop Sit-to-Stand Workstation

Desktop Workstation

Giving workers the option to either stand up or sit down while they work can improve the health of your workforce. With the Directional Desktop Sit-to-Stand Workstation from HON you can do just that. This system is designed to attach to any work desk, and allows workers to raise or lower the height of their computer monitors.As long as it has a depth of 20″ – 30″, this sit-stand workstation can be attached to any work surface. Thanks to its gas-assisted lever mechanism, adjusting the height of your workstation is a walk in the park. Its sleek look will also give any work area a nice, modern look.


WorkFit PD Cable Management Box

Cable Management Box

If you are tired of trying to organize your computer cables, upgrade your workstation with this cable management box from WorkFit. This box fits underneath your desk, and neatly holds your cables, or a power strip if you use one of those instead. It is quick and easy to assemble, so you will not have to worry about wasting too much time getting it set up.With this cable management box, cables are kept from hanging around on the floor, making your work environment much safer. A cable wrap is also included, allowing you to easily wind up your cables to keep them out of the way. Grab this box today to make your workspace safer and more organized.


Divider Sticky Notes with Tabs

Divider Sticky Notes

The Divider Sticky Notes from Redi-Tag are perfect for anyone having trouble keeping track of important information. This cross between sticky notes and dividers allows you to take quick notes while being able keep your place in a notebook.Sometimes we index pages with tabs for future reference, but do not remember why we did so in the first place. Since you can leave a message with the Divider Sticky Notes, you can make it easier to remember why you need to refer back to a page in your notebook or folder. Six different colors are available to use, and each color comes with ten sheets to use.


Round Xtra Life Stick Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint Pens

Need a reliable tool to write with at the office? The Round Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen from BiC is one of your best options. Each package comes with 60 unique pens that each offer more ink than competing brands, allowing you more time for writing.Every pen offers flexible round barrels, giving users the maximum amount of comfort possible when writing or signing papers. These pens also have translucent barrels, so you can see just how much ink you have left before you have to switch over to a new one. These efficient pens are reasonably priced too, so stock up today and save some money in the process!


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