Feb 2020
Offering Takeout? Stock Up On The Following Restaurant Supplies
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Which Food Supplies Do You Need When Serving Takeout?

With the spread of the coronavirus, dozens of restaurants have been shifting towards takeout and delivery models. Since people don’t want to eat inside, businesses are offering takeout so people can get food while minimizing contact with others. Focusing exclusively on this model isn’t easy, and requires a lot of preparation and supplies.

That’s why Office Specialists is here to help. If you’re planning to focus on takeout services with your restaurant, make sure you pick up these essential restaurant supplies.

Carry-Out Containers & Bags

White Food Container Divided into Sections

Out of all the kitchen supplies you need to have , the most important is the carry-out container. These are made from either foam or plastic, and are designed to not only store food, but to also keep them insulated. This guarantees that meals stay warm as customers return home.

Depending on the types of meals you serve, you may need to invest in a wide range of sizes and shapes for your containers. This ensures that you have something for each type of order, which will keep the food from spilling out when customers take their meals.

Bags are also good to have, since you can store multiple containers inside for customers who ordered several items. It’s important that you consider how much business you’ll be getting so you can order enough to keep up with demand.

Foil Rolls

Black & Green Aluminum Foil Box 91805

Stocking up on rolls of aluminum foil is also a good idea when you’re serving takeout. Most of the food you prepare will be warm, so you’ll need a way to keep it warm until the customers arrive to pick it up. Wrapping up orders in aluminum foil will keep the heat from escaping, and keep the food nice and warm.

Not to mention, aluminum foil is impervious to bacteria and outside elements, which is critical right now. Since the foil keeps harmful elements away from the food, the meals you serve will be much fresher as a result.

Utensil Kits & Napkins

Plastic Wrapped Kit of Cutlery

You’ll also need to order plastic utensils that you can give to your customers when they pick up their orders. While most people have utensils at home, some people like to eat their takeout meals in their cars. Even if that’s not the case with all customers, packaging utensils with orders is simply a courteous thing to do.

As a precaution, it would be wise to order knives, forks, and spoons that are individually wrapped in plastic. Right now people are very concerned about their health, so keeping the utensils wrapped will help to ease their fears.

To go along with the utensils, you should also supply napkins so customers can clean up after themselves. Napkins are easy to buy in bulk but be mindful that demand might be high for them.

Drink Supplies (Cups, Lids, Etc.)

White, Foam Cup

Since you’ll be serving drinks too, you’ll need the proper supplies to serve them. Of course, this means you’ll need a steady supply of cups and lids that you can send off with customers. Lids are especially important, because if you don’t have them customers might spill their drinks during the car ride home.

You should also stock up on straws that you can package with orders. Straws make it easier to drink sodas and other beverages, so customers always appreciate when they’re supplied.

When ordering supplies, make sure you keep track of how many cups you need to order. That way, you can order the right amount lids and straws, and not have to worry about running out in the middle of the week.

Dawn Dish Detergent

Blue Bottle of Dawn Dish Detergent & Pan Cleaner

In addition to picking up supplies for your customers, you’ll also need some cleaning tools for your kitchen. Most importantly, you need a fresh supply of dish detergent that you can use to clean pans and cooking utensils.

The detergent will cut through grease, allowing you to use clean cookware throughout the day. Be sure to grab some new sponges when ordering the detergent so you can start the cleaning process fresh.

With concerns about the coronavirus still prevalent, keeping your kitchen and cookware clean is more important than ever.

If you need to stock up on these supplies and more, Office Specialists can assist you.

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