Oct 2014
Must Have Restaurant Supplies
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Whether your restaurant seats 500 or 50 you probably order restaurant supplies once a week. Maybe even during your busy season you find yourself ordering several times a week. However, here at Office Specialists Inc. (OSI), we provide the best prices to local restaurants so they can keep the kitchens cooking and the front house hustling. Check out our list of must have restaurant supplies.

Boardwalk®Snap- it Foam Hinged Lid Carryout Containers, 3- Comp

Foam Hinged Containers



Don’t let food go to waste with these great to-go food containers. They are durable and easy to use.

Boardwalk®Dinner Napkin, 15″ x 17″, White Diner Napkins  


You will go through napkins in a blink of any eye. These sturdy napkins come in bulk so you don’t have to order as often.

PROCTER & GAMBLEDawn® Manual Pot & Pan Dish Detergent

Dawn Detergent



Give your dishes some extra love with this detergent. Dishes are constantly in and out of the sink and this detergent will help to pro long their lifespan.

Premiere PadsStainless Steel Scrubber

Premiere Pads



A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. These scourging pads can be used to clean pots, pans, ovens, grills and ovens. They will never rust or splinter so they are safe to use.

Pure Bright®Liquid Bleach

Liquid Bleach



Adding just a touch of bleach can truly disinfect your restaurant’s kitchen. Bleach is available by the carton so you can stock up.

Clorox®Professional Multi- Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, Citrus




To get through tougher grease build up, this is the cleaner for you. It is streak free and has a pleasant citrus smell.

Premiere PadsMedium Duty Scour Pad Scour Pads  


These are a great addition to any restaurant. They can be used on pots and pans as well as floors and baseboards.

Boardwalk®PVC Food Wrap Film

Food Wrap Film



At the end of the night when putting food away for the evening, grabbing one of these food wrap film containers will be so helpful. With a built in cutter, you can get out of work and out on the town that much sooner.

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