Apr 2015
The Essentials: Breakroom Supply Checklist
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Your office’s breakroom should be the place where employees can detach themselves from work, enjoy their lunch, and recharge their batteries. Let’s not forget that this is where many workers find inspiration with other co-workers. Make sure to have all your breakroom supplies that you need. A fully stocked and comfortable breakroom will keep your employees focused and happy.

Break it Off

Have a dedicated area to serve as a breakroom. This should allow for those on break to truly detach and relax. Since many of us do not take the recommended five-minute break every thirty minutes, having a place to chill out is essential to having a productive office.

Caffeine Fix

While all offices cannot offer catered meals each day like Google, giving complimentary coffee will not only allow employees to feel appreciated but as an owner, you can save money. Instead of having employees leave the office for 30 minutes for their coffee fix and lose focus, offer free coffee in your breakroom. The amount of money that your company spends on office coffee services is minimal compared to amount that you could lose from those leaving the office. Remember, your company can always make more money but focus and productivity are priceless.

Food For Thought

Another way to show appreciation for those long hours your team puts in is to offer complimentary snacks. In our office in Galesburg, we asked our employees what kind of snacks they would like offered in the breakroom. You may be surprised to find out that the majority vote was for healthy snacks. Don’t forget a microwave, fridge, and trash receptacle. These are basic conveniences that you need so employees can bring lunch and dispose of it properly.


Essential Breakroom Item Must Haves

Coffee Maker

Coffee Pro Two- Burner Institutional Coffee Maker


Folgers Coffee

Folgers Coffee, Classic Roast Regular, Ground

Truvia Sugar Substitute

Truvia Natural Sugar Substitute

Propel Fitness Water

Propel Fitness Water Flavored Water

Dixie White Paper Plates

Dixie White Paper Plates

Dixie Plastic Utensils

Dixie Combo Pack, Tray w/ White Plastic Utensils

Hefty Odor Block

Hefty Cinch Sak Tall Kitchen/Trash Bags

Solo Bistro Cups

Solo Cup Company Bistro Hot Drink Cups

Solo Water Cups

Solo Cup Company White Paper Water Cups

Kind Nutrition Bars

KIND Plus Nutrition Boost Bar

Quaker Oatmeal

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal

Emerald Almonds

Emerald 100 Calorie Pack
All Natural Almonds

Bounty Quilted Napkins

Bounty Quilted Napkins

Pop-Secret Popcorn

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Oven

Avanti 0.7 Cu. Ft Capacity Microwave Oven


Avanti Cu. Ft Refrigerator with Chiller Compartment

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