Dec 2014
Helping Community
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In our latest blog post, we are featuring an amazing local non-profit organization, Galesburg Community Foundation (GCF). They have been doing amazing work for our local society through donors, volunteers, and local businesses.

Looking at the many achievements that the GCF has seen over the years since its inception in 2003, being named the 17th largest community foundation that serves a community of 100,000 people or less has been one of the greatest honors.

The Foundation is able to continually serve Knox and Warren counties in Illinois through the history of endowments received through the years. GCF’s mission is to truly impact and improve the quality of life of those they serve. They have built a solid groundwork that they continue to build upon each year. Since the beginning, GCF has continued to increase the amount of charitable giving by linking donors to communities that are need. Furthermore, they provide education and direction on serious public issues.

The Goal

Larson Endowment FundThe Foundation knows that everyone has a voice which deserves to be heard. By allowing members to truly learn about issues in their direct community, they give people the drive to stand up for what they believe in. When shown just how one can make a difference in their immediate environment, one can see and feel the impact that they make. Even if you do not have the time to dedicate to volunteer, gifting to GCF is another way to help make change.

A Change That Lasts

GCF is constantly looking toward the future. Over the next few years, they plan to include reducing their community’s carbon footprint and in turn providing more sustainable resources. With the approach called “collective impact” the Foundation can help with issues that are more challenging to overcome. Volunteers, community leaders, and GCF’s staff work hand-in-hand to build and execute a plan to make the biggest impact.


KnoxcorpIn collaboration with Knox College, Galesburg Community Foundation has created a fellowship where seven undergraduate and six graduate students work simultaneously with local non-profit groups to originate projects in the community. Since being founded in 2012, KnoxCorps has helped countless people and will continue to help in the future by joining together the college and Galesburg.

Get With the Program

Supporting the local community is a great way to see how you are making a difference, right in your backyard. For information on how you can help, please visit the Galesburg Community Foundation.


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