Oct 2019
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HON’s New Voi Office Desks

Office Specialists would like to introduce the new Voi desk featuring Colorwav from HON Office Furniture. The Voi desk is known for its striking design, and with this new variation you can add in a powerful splash of color. This allows you to get a functional office desk that can match your office’s unique aesthetic and personality.

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The New Voi’s Features

This new desk features the same benefits and comforts our customers expect from the Voi lineup. Voi desks are ideal for both private and open office spaces, thanks to their functional designs. This makes them perfect for any type of office worker.

Voi desks also offer striking hardwood designs that give your work area a strong, professional vibe. They also offer plenty of storage options, which helps you keep clutter out of the way. You deserve a desk that matches your personality, and the new Voi desk is the perfect match for you.

Add a Touch of Color with Colorwav

With the addition of Colorwav, this new Voi desk will pop when you add it to your office space. Before your desk is shipped you can choose to add a splash of color to it. A large variety of colors are available to choose, ranging from blossom (pink) to ember (orange).

The extra color gives the desk some personality, and helps it fit in with any type of workspace. Be sure to check out our Colorwav storage cubes if you are in need of storage solutions to match your new desk.

Available Models

The Voi desk featuring Colorwav is currently available in two models.

The first is the Voi Impress. With its sturdy build, this desk will make a strong impression to anyone who walks into your office.

The Voi Integration desk is also available. Offering plenty of storage space, this desk can easily integrate into any office environment. Either of these desks will make a great addition to your office space.

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