Feb 2016
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Intel NUC Mini PC Overview

Intel NUC Mini PC

The Intel NUC Mini PC offers users the convenience and features of a PC wrapped in a smaller package. The performance and storage you need comes in a four inch package that could fit in the palm of your hands. The newest, sixth generation NUC Mini PC, comes with a quad-core Intel Pentium processor, offering the same performance you would receive with a full sized modem. Other features include built-in WiFi, Windows 10, Bluetooth, all with HDMI and wireless capabilities.  Attach a screen, keyboard, and mouse to your mini PC to transform any area into a mobile office.

Other Highlighted Features

Intel NUC Mini-PC

  • 32 GB Storage
  • 2 GB Memory
  • SSD/HDD Support
  • Supports 4,000 Displays
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 8-Channel Audio

NUC Uses

Intel NUC Mini PC

  • Home Entertainment
  • Video Surveillance
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Gaming
  • Productivity
  • Digital Signage
  • Conference Room Collaboration
  • Commercial


Improve Workplace Productivity

Improve workplace productivity while saving space, with the addition of this mini PC that will deliver the same performance of a traditional PC, at a fraction of the size. The technological and storage capabilities of this product come at an affordable price, without compromising on speed and reliability.

Create a Digital Kiosk

Create a digital kiosk with the use of this product which is perfect for retail setting with reliable connection. Protect your business from theft, as this product doublesas a cost-effective video surveillance solution. The dual displays, gigabit LAN, and WIFI enable this product to be effective in surveillance.

Digital Signage Solution

Compute Stick

The Intel NUC is also a valuable digital signage solution with the use of the Intel Compute Stick. Digital signage kiosks in major airports and other businesses are effective marketing tools for organizations to create brand awareness. The NUC can help project and display information efficiently at an affordable price.

Thin-Client Ability

This product can be your thin-client solution with remote session computing capabilities, ideal for schools, government agencies, and small or large businesses. This product is perfect for data security management as it safeguards confidential information. Highlighted features include low-cost, centralized image management, and resource sharing/virtualization ability (VMs).

See how NUC can help your business with all of its innovative and standard features.

If you’re interested in the Intel NUC Mini PC for your business, please contact Trent Pearson for pricing and more information at trent@osi.biz.

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