Jan 2015
How Sharp Products Improve Productivity
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Sharp Electronics is a global technology manufacturer known worldwide for its superior electronic products, such as, Cloud Portal Office, and the Aquos Board. Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) — one of the world’s most prominent, independent analyzers of document imaging products and solutions — recently awarded Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, three of the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Awards (Summer 2014). Sharp received these awards for their Pro Series Color Document System  (specifically the MX-6500N and MX7500N), as well as their Cloud Portal Office Solution.  

Sharp’s Pro Series Color Document Systems and Productivity

Sharp Pro Series Color Document Systems When it comes to multi-function printers and copiers, Sharp’s Pro Series Color Document Systems stand above the competition. Most other multi-function devices are costly and require space-consuming, in-line and offline options.

The Sharp Pro Series:

  • Offers the ability to produce full-bleed booklets, helping to reduce outsourcing costs as well as production time. In layman’s terms, this means that the printer is able to print from one edge of the paper to the other without the standard borders that most printers use.
  • Can make professional-looking booklets with up to 120 pages on 11" x 17" paper. 

Today’s technology is introducing more tablet-style, touch-and-swipe interfaces. Pete Emory, BLI Manager of Laboratory Testing, said "Sharp and EFI have found a way to raise the bar even further. With integration of the optional EFI Fiery Server, it saves users the costs and space typically associated with having to purchase an additional monitor and stand; and because the same display also serves as the main operation panel for the Pro Series, operators can switch between the two with ease." 
Sharp’s document products and solutions have been winning distinguished awards from MFP (multi-function peripheral) testing organizations for quite some time. Sharp’s multi-function peripheral (MFP) systems assist businesses in boosting their workflow productivity by utilizing hardware and software for Digital Document Management.

How the Sharp Cloud Portal Office Solution Boosts Productivity

Sharp’s Cloud Portal Office Solution, launched in February 2014, also won an award for outstanding achievement in innovation. It allows professionals to use a single content management service where they can connect, share and store electronic and hardcopy documents. This service enables its users to securely access work from anywhere in the world. Sharp’s unique cloud solution increases efficiency and saves time by combining collaboration, content management, document capture, control capabilities, and conferencing.

The Aquos Boards – Helping Workers Collaborate and Communicate

Sharp Aquos BoardThe Aquos Board comes in 60, 70, and 80-inch high-resolution screens, using Microsoft Software. It enables professionals to draw on the screen with its highly responsive touch pen simultaneously. Users can also make notes and save information to PCs or even send it directly to an MFP for printout. The Aquos Board allows for greater and more convenient communication in business meetings, presentations, classroom instruction and teleconferences.  

Sharp technology is changing and improving the way we do business.

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