Jul 2016
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed picking out the best pen for your office? With different ink types and features, it’s difficult to understand which pen will work best for your needs. Zebra Pen, a leader in writing instruments, has a wide variety of pens, featuring different ink types. We outline the different types of inks, along with the pen that best matches your needs.

Oil Based Ink

Blue Oil Painting

Oil based ink is often found in ballpoint pens. This type of ink is preferable as it does not smudge, has a longer life, and comes with superior value. If you write free-hand versus on a computer, this pen is perfect for you.

F- 301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen, Black Ink, Fine

SKU: ZEB27110

Write away in style, with the Zebra Pen 3-Series. This writing instrument features a stylish and modern appearance, with durable steel to enhance longevity. Refill this pen easily with the F-Refill Series and take it on the go with a metal clip!

Water Based or Gel Ink

Smoke liquid ink in water

Water based or gel ink offers users fun and vibrant pigmented colors to choose from. The writing style of these pens is smooth and the ink itself flows freely. This category of ink is often associated with fun and exciting activities and allows users to express their creative side.

Sarasa Retractable Gel Pen, Blue Ink, Bold, Dozen



The Sarasa Retractable Gel Pen features Zebra Pen’s revolutionary Rapid Dry Ink technology. The ink dries in less than one second on most surfaces, avoiding the frustration that left handed writers experience of smearing and making smudges. The pen barrel is clear so you see when ink replenishment is necessary.

Emulsion Ink

Color Pigment

Emulsion based ink is a newer version of oil based ink that we previously discussed. The writing experience is smooth with ink laydown that is super precise. Users can choose from a variety of different colors that allow them to be bold and unique.

Z- Mulsion EX Ballpoint Pen, 1mm, Red, Dozen

SKU: ZEB34230

The Z-Mulsion EX Ballpoint pen features emulsion ink that offers an innovative combination of oil, water, and pigment. This combination successfully delivers a smooth writing experience. The contoured barrel was specifically designed to provide ultra comfortable writing. This pen is stylish and functional by providing streak-free writing.

Rapid Dry Ink

Multi color ink isolated dissolving in water

As previously mentioned above, rapid dry ink is a revolutionary breakthrough for ink technology, featuring ink that dries in just a second. The super smooth experience of rapid dry ink technology also offers users different and exciting color choices. Common applications include everyday use and creative projects.

Sarasa SE Retractable Gel Pen, Black Ink, Medium, Dozen


SKU: ZEB46410

The elegant Sarasa SE Retractable Gel Pen is customized with a chrome, engraved clip. Take this pen with you wherever you decide to go! Also, feel comfortable while writing for longer periods of time with a diamond, textured rubber grip.

Check Safe Ink

Pink Pigment

Check-safe ink is perfect for those users who are concerned about the safety and security of the ink they are using. This category features acid-free, high-quality ink that is perfect for confidential or important documents, as it cannot be washed-off. Avoid check fraud with the incorporation of this ink type, which also can be used for art work or journal entries.

Z- Grip Retractable Gel Pen, Red Ink, Medium, Dozen



The Z-Grip Retractable Gel Pen provides an ultra-smooth writing, with check-safe assurance. Use this pen to avoid check fraud when mailing important bills. The soft rubber grip handle provides some ergonomic relief, while writing during long work hours.
Visualize the different types of ink that Zebra Pen offers and also see how their team is continually striving to improve formulas.

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