Jul 2015
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Looking for a Sharp multi-function copier or printer that will help you get tasks done quicker? Introducing Sharp’s Scan2 technology. Sharp’s latest line of multi-function products (MFP’s) comes standard with this technology, and will provide you the tools you need to get work done in an efficient manner.

Fast Copying & Printing

Sharp’s Scan2 will allow you to quickly scan two sides of a document by having your original document fed through one time. Since the original will travel through the machine only one time, you will not have to worry about delays or damage to your document from a misfeed. These MFP’s can also allow you to copy and print all at once over your network, and save your documents directly to your computer.

All Your Documents… All in One Place

Ever dealt with a clunky scanner that saved to a folder you never knew existed on your computer? You won’t have to worry about that with the Sharpdesk® software. You can organize, search and index your files all in one place. Have PDF and JPEG files you need to put in one document? Sharpdesk® supports around 200 different file types and can help you convert image files and image PDF’s to searchable MS Office documents. You can also link all of your contacts from various e-mails to create one address book for all of your contacts.

Powerful Filing and Archiving

MFP’s with Sharp Scan2 software automatically come with storage for up to 20,000 pages on a hard drive built into the printer. For documents that contain confidential information, you can set up password protection. You can easily and securely search for folders from the control panel. Most MFP’s using Sharp Scan2 can be paired with OSA® embedded applications, which makes organizing, archiving and retrieving documents easier.

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