Sep 2019
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Promoting an Educational Environment for Children

Office Specialists, Inc. would like to take some to time to highlight one of the most prolific non-profit organizations in Galesburg, the Discovery Depot. The Discovery Depot Children’s Museum was built to inspire children to learn through the use of hands-on learning experiences and interactive exhibits. OSI has helped this organization in the past, and we would like to give it some attention today.

Take some time to read about the organization, and see how the staff has been helping the children in our community.

Discovery Depot Second Floor with Jungle Gym and Slide

Discovery Depot’s Mission Statement

Since 1999, the mission statement for the Discovery Depot has been “Inspiring Wonder and Excitement for Learning.” Some children do not have the motivation to learn, since they are not engaged with the educational activities they are presented with. The Discovery Depot was founded out of the desire to engage children through hands-on learning so they can get excited about learning.

The organization has worked tirelessly to create a learning environment for children ages 1 to 12 that is both engaging and inspiring. Children are capable of amazing things; it’s just a matter of presenting them with activities they can get excited about.

Discovery Depot Science Exhibits

Exhibits & Features

The 14,000-square foot facility offers a large selection of activities that both children and parents will enjoy. Topics such as literacy, fine arts, mathematics, and several more are taught here. The diverse selection of engaging, interactive exhibits get children excited to learn new things, and allow them to challenge their critical thinking abilities.

There are several exhibits for children to try, such Ferris Acres, which teaches them about planting produce. Other notable features include large-scale Lite Bright, and an air maze for the children to navigate. The museum can be rented out for classrooms, and it also makes a great destination for birthday parties.

Fake Fire Truck CLimbing Obstacle
Source: Discovery Depot

The support of the Galesburg community has helped the Discovery Depot remain a success for 20 years. If you wish to support the organization, donations are accepted through mail, by phone, or through the official website. All money received goes towards supporting the museum, allowing for the construction of new exhibits.

The museum is always looking for volunteers as well, so consider signing up if you want to contribute. Thanks to this support, the Discovery Depot can continue to engage children and families for years to come.

To learn more, please visit the Discovery Depot website, or visit the official page on Facebook.

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