Jul 2016
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In today’s day and age, many workers who feel trapped behind cubicle walls in outdated offices dream about working in a modern and innovative office space that supports their needs. We can learn from Google and other large tech companies inspired this trend by offering employees unique work environments, filled with open layouts, technology galore, sit-to-stand workstations, and natural elements. Modern workspaces are collaborative in nature and connect people. They also don’t always restrict employees to an assigned desk. When giving your space a modern office makeover, keep the following trends in mind.


Inspiration Layout

Modern offices that are designed well incorporate both open and closed layouts. Inspire creativity with open space layouts, with a mix of closed pods, seating areas, and more scattered throughout. Flexible workspaces give employees the choice of collaborative or group areas, depending on the particular task they are working on.


OSI Furniture

Office furniture can really make an impact on employees, for better or for worse. Modern offices are staying far away from your standard gray cubicles with tall walls. HON offers innovative collections, such as the Flock Seating and Tables, which are pictured above. This collection is flexible and works in a variety of different areas, including reception, compact, or collaborative spaces. Complement your workspace with different lounge, seating, cube, and other furniture options, designed to support the changing nature of the workplace. The key to designing a modern workspace is allowing flexibility and freedom in furniture choice and design.

Sit-to-stand Workstations

Sit to Stand Workstation

Sit-to-stand workstations are becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace. Sitting too long is bad for your health. Sit-to-stand workstations allow workers the flexibility to get their work done, out of their chairs. These workstations can help reduce muscle pain, soreness, and fatigue by giving employees the ability to adjust their position throughout the workday. Herman Miller Everywhere tables are intuitive and come with exceptional design features, perfect for the office. The height-adjustable feature allows users to adjust their positing throughout the day, providing freedom and flexibility.

Breakout Areas/Informal Meeting Spaces

Meeting Space

Make sure your office has at least one informal meeting area. Workers tend to feel more comfortable in informal spaces and can more easily be creative. Furnish the space with cozy sofas and paint the walls in colors that evoke creativity, such as shades of yellow or purple. The color yellow promotes a cheerful disposition. Purple has been said to be the color of the imagination. Encourage your employees to use spaces for meetings or relaxing with a cup of coffee.


Office Nature

According to the Executive Academy for Growth and Leadership, nature can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of individuals. Concentration and memory can be improved with the calming elements of plants. Work conducted in the presence of natural elements is found of higher quality and accuracy versus the alternative. Having flowers and other natural elements in the workplace can be soothing and reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that employees experience.

The Huffington Post released the following photos of Google’s Tel Aviv Office. The designers of this office hit a homerun with bringing the outdoors into the workplace.

The Huffington Post released the following photos of Google’s Tel Aviv Office. The designers of this office hit a homerun with bringing the outdoors, indoors.

Connection to Nature
Nature Meets Indoors
Nature in Your Office



Aside from computers, what types of technology do your employees need to help them do their job? Perhaps a smart board or tablet? Sharp AQUOS Boards are great for web conferences, presentations, and collaboration as a whole. The Intel NUC Mini PC offers users the same performance you would receive with a full sized modem, but comes in a much smaller package. Receive built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI capability, and much more. Offering laptops or tablets, instead of computers, will give your employees the flexibility of taking their work to informal meeting areas or offsite. By giving your employees the best in tech, they can accomplish their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Bring your office into the twenty first century with a little help from our design experts.

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