Sep 2021
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Safety For Your Visitors, Customers, & Employees

Facility mats are an oft-overlooked part of business, but they are a crucial part of any slip-and-fall prevention strategy. Whether it be an entrance mat meant to catch water, ice, leaves and dust, or an anti-fatigue mat used to ensure comfortable and healthy workstations, facility mats can improve workplace cleanliness, safety, and peace of mind.

Having these different types of mats in your facility will lead to a happier, healthier workplace.

3-Mat Entry System


Did you know that the estimated cost of removing one pound of dirt from an office floor can cost over $600?! I’m sure you can think of better uses for that money.

Year-round storms, including summer thunderstorms and winter snow squalls, are part of life. When it’s raining or snowing, we don’t want to track water or mud into our workplace. And when a client comes in from the rain, a soft, clean and dry mat to wipe their feet on will make a great first impression. The 3-mat entry system will ensure clean floors throughout your workplace, providing safety and cleanliness for everyone. Any mat in the 3-mat system can be customized with a logo of your choice!

Scraper Mat

The first mat is placed outside the establishment. It is specially designed to scrape your shoes against it to release any buildup.

Wiper/Scraper Mat

The second mat can be placed either inside or outside the establishment. It is designed to scrape and hold onto liquid or snow, while starting to dry your shoes.

Carpeted Mat

The third and final mat is placed inside. This is the last step to eradicating any dust or dirt that may have stuck to your shoes.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Some employees prefer to use a sit-stand desk as they work. Anti-fatigue mats will help keep their bodies in top shape while they stand up. These mats have a thick, yet pliable support built into them, allowing the employees to stay productive and healthy throughout the workday.

Drainage Mats

Drainage Mat

For spaces where there may be liquid on a smooth floor, a drainage mat will help keep you safe. These mats are slightly raised from the ground with drainage holes throughout, allowing you to stay above a potentially wet floor and keeping you safe from a slip or fall. Even better, molded edges reduce the risk of tripping.

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