Jan 2018
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The Role of Office Design & Space Planning

Did you know that the design of your office could affect company culture? Though many people just see office furniture and office chairs scattered around a workplace, the way they are laid out could have a huge impact on employees and the way they work. That’s why it’s so important to organize your office space in a way that reflects or fosters your companies culture. If you can do this, you may be able to see a rise in productivity, teamwork, togetherness, comradery and much more. Below we have outlined ways in which different office designs can positively affect the company culture in your business.

It Can Encourage Open Communication

Employees Working Together

Having an open office layout can have a huge impact on the way employees communicate with one another. So, if you’re looking to build teamwork and create strong bonds with your employees, an open office layout may be perfect for you. Open design plans mean creating a space where employees feel like one big team, opposed to being sectioned off by the department. When you have a space that contains cubicles, for example, approaching other colleges may seem like you are intruding in their personal space. This can then hinder employees from working together because there isn’t a greater sense of a teamwork. Having an open design layout means sharing ideas and brainstorming can happen throughout any time of the day. In doing so, your company culture will be strong and can then produce positive results.

It Can Create a Comfortable, Home Like Feel

Cozy Workspace

If you want your employees to experience a relaxing work environment, why not make it feel like home? Creating a space that is quieter so employees can have private time if need be, can help achieve this. When trying to create this kind of culture, think about the things that make your home, home. Is it pictures of loved ones, cozy and comfortable furniture, positive messages? This can easily then be translated into your office space. You can hang pictures of team members around the office, reminders of fun company activities, parties etc. You can even dedicate a room too big, cozy, comfortable office furniture that allows employees to feel relaxed and not “stuck” in the office all day. Doing these small little changes can help people feel more at home, and it can then translate to their work and overall mood in the office.

It Can Improve Decision Making

Conference Room Teamwork

Having a space with long conference tables and chairs can be an important part of any decision-making environment. Though it could seem intimidating, it’s one of the best ways to engage in conversation and really get the chance to listen to what everyone is saying. When everyone is focused in on one task, in the same room, it creates a comfortable environment for brainstorming. Even when this space isn’t occupied, it can be open to all employees who would like to get together in private to discuss their latest projects and ideas. It’s also important to add that this kind of space should be separated from where other employees reside. That way, there are no distractions and everyone in the office can concentrate, even if they aren’t involved.

Not sure what type of office setting would be best for your company culture? Our space planning and design services can help you envision the type of space you desire!

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