May 2018
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Protecting Your Hands with Safety Gloves

One of the most common injuries that occurs at the workplace is the hand injury. There are many things that can serious hurt your hands at the workplace, especially if you work for an electric or construction company. If you are worried about hurting your hands at work you should think about purchasing a pair of safety gloves. Continue reading to learn about how why you should use safety gloves to protect your hands while you work.

Why Safety Gloves Are Important

Welding with Safety Gloves
As mentioned above, hand injuries are very common at the workplace, especially at places where you handle heavy machinery. Some pieces of equipment have sharp edges on them, and if you do not handle them correctly you could cut or puncture your hand. Other jobs may involve handling chemicals, and if they splash on your hands you will suffer from either a serious burn or contamination.

If you injure your hands at work you might not be able to do your job for a little while, and this can harm productivity levels at your workplace. Using protective safety gloves can help you prevent this issue, since they can shield your hands from dangerous objects.

Knowing Which Gloves to Use

HyFlex Work Gloves
The kind of safety gloves you need for work ultimately depends on what kind of job you currently have. Different materials are used to design safety gloves, and certain materials are better at protecting you from certain things. Before you shop for safety gloves, review your work conditions so you know what gloves you will need to buy.

To give an example, if you work with welding you should purchase leather gloves, since the material can resist any sparks that pop off while you work. Gloves that are made with rubber, latex or nitrile can help protect your hands if you handle chemicals at the workplace. Finally, Kevlar gloves are particularly effective when you need protection from cuts.

What Makes a Good Work Glove?

A work glove’s material is not the only factor you should be looking at when you go out shopping. For example, when you are shopping for gloves, you need to make sure that you buy them in the right size. Gloves that are too big for your hands can make it harder for you to grip onto things while you are working. If the gloves are too small you will put pressure on your hands and tire them out quickly.

Another important factor to be aware of is comfort level. If you are not comfortable wearing your new gloves it can be very hard to get a lot of work done. Finally, when you are shopping for gloves to handle certain situations, make sure the specific brand is effective at handling that situation. As an example, if you need gloves for cut protection, check to see how good the gloves are at resisting tears.

Shopping for Safety Gloves

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