Jul 2014
Employee Spotlight - Joe Lorenzen
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Joe LorenzenIn my effort to help you along with our other blog readers get to know our team here at Office Specialists, Inc. (OSI), I’d like to introduce you to our sales consultant Joe Lorenzen. Joe is one of our newest employees, having had started working for us in September 2013.

Joe has an extensive background in drag racing and prior to working for us he did electrical work on cars. When I asked Joe why he chose to leave the drag racing world for a career in the office products industry he said:

“OSI has been a well known company in the area and when the opportunity came, I knew I needed to jump on board with the company’s great staff.” (Thanks Joe!)

Joe is a very helpful employee who enjoys interacting with our customers and exceeding their service expectations. As part of his role at OSI, he’s on the road often selling office products, janitorial supplies, and furniture. His areas of expertise extend from product sales to space planning (layout) and design. Some of his best qualities include: his big heart, outgoing personality, and ability to make anyone laugh. Born and raised in a woodsy part of Knox County, Joe grew fond of great outdoors and became an avid hunter. In his spare time, when he’s not hunting, he enjoys playing golf, coaching baseball, and grilling with his family.

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