Feb 2017
Employee Spotlight: Brian Jennings & Scott Adcock
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Office Specialists is proud to introduce you to two of our new Sharp Service Technicians! Both Brian Jennings and Scott Adcock have been with OSI for about seven months. During this time, they have become valued members of our team. Below you will discover what a typical day in the office looks like for them as well as a glimpse into their life outside of work.

Meet Brian Jennings

Brian Jennings, Sharp Service Technician

Before working at OSI, Brian attended Hamilton Tech where he studied electronics. His past jobs include being a conductor for BNFS as well as working in an office equipment repair shop. Brian also had the chance to run his very own print service shop several years ago. In the years to come he hopes to keep learning about the industry and the advances in technology as they continue to grow.

A Typical Day in the Office

A usual day for Brian means providing customers with maintenance and service on MFP machines and laser printers. When needed, he will also travel to the customer’s site in order to assist in the setup and delivery of new machines. Upon delivery of a new machine, he will also give a full demonstration to the customer in order to ensure they are well aware of all the different options. During this time, he will install any needed software on the customer’s PC to make sure their equipment is being fully utilized.

What He Likes About OSI

What Brian loves about his job is that every day is different. He enjoys the satisfaction that comes from being able to assist customers with any problems they may face. He finds it rewarding to problem solve and get customers back up and running quickly and efficiently. He likes being able to teach customer’s shortcuts and show them the different functions that they might not be aware of on a machine. If it means making a customer’s life easier, Brian loves to help in any way he can.

Outside of the Office

When he’s not working, Brian enjoys spending time with family, friends and traveling. On most nights you can find him and his wife Amanda cheering on their 14-year-old son Riley. Riley keeps them busy by playing three sports, football, basketball and baseball. So, if you want to see Brian and his family after work, it’s usually on the bleachers somewhere!

Meet Scott Adcock

Scott Adcock, Sharp Service Technician

Scott attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he studied Mass Communications. Before becoming a Sharp Technician, Scott helped OSI with furniture installations and also worked on his Uncle Roger Schrodt’s farm. While at OSI he hopes to continue to grow with the company both personally and professionally.

A Typical Day in the Office

A typical day for Scott can include a variety of different things. One day could be filled with calls to customers and another could be going out to service machines. He may also be in shop setting up new machines for the showroom or a new customer. Scott is always looking to help maintain customers machines and keep them running smoothly. Along with his other team members, they are able to tackle any copier or printer problems that may arise.

What He Likes About OSI

One of the reasons Scott likes working at OSI is because of the environment that’s been created. He likes how OSI has been constructed with many great people, most who have turned into friends. He also enjoys having the ability to work with his hands on a daily basis. For him, getting to know the machines and seeing how they operate has been a fun thing to discover.

Outside of the Office

When Scott isn’t working, his close family, friends and chocolate lab named Harley keeps him busy. Many of his passions revolve around sports. He loves watching the Cubs, Falcons and LeBron James play. Aside from just watching sports, Scott also likes playing them. He enjoys working out, lifting weights and basketball. He likes watching movies, especially if its Jurassic Park, Forest Gump or Star Wars. You can also find him listening to music, as long as it isn’t country.

You should contact either Brian or Scott for all your printer/copier needs. Whether you need to get your machines back up and running or just a good cleaning they will be able to assist you. Call us at 800-747-0071 or contact us today!

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