Oct 2017
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A Powerful Interactive Display System

If you are looking for a better way to display information during an important business meeting, the Sharp AQUOS Board might be just what you are looking for. This interactive display board can display videos and charts, and with its interactive touch screen, you can add more information while you are giving a presentation. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to see what this piece of office equipment can do for your business.

Improve Communication During Meetings

The Sharp AQUOS has a wide variety of features and applications that make it perfect for any kind of meeting or presentation. Thanks to the device’s Sharp Display Connect software, any information present on the display board can also be displayed on up to fifty computers and mobile devices. Any notes or drawings that were made on the display will also be shown on these devices.

This allows everyone in a meeting to get a good idea of what is being discussed, which will encourage livelier discussions between employees. On top of this, the device also features web conferencing capabilities, so employees are allowed to collaborate on something even if they aren’t on-site. As you can see, the Sharp AQUOS will offer your business a lot more than a typical whiteboard would.

Huge Size Makes It Easy To Convey a Message

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Example of AQUOS Model
Source: http://siica.sharpusa.com/AQUOS-BOARD

The most striking aspect of the Sharp AQUOS is the size of its screen. Models can be up to eighty inches diagonally, so saying that the screen is big would be an understatement. Since this device uses a touch screen, this enormous size will give you plenty of room to write as many notes as you need to on presentation. In addition, you will not have to worry about glares or fingerprints messing up your presentation thanks to the quality of the display.

The device’s photo-alignment technology will allow all images to be in extremely high quality, and all the text displayed will be made as legible as possible. Overall, the device’s size will make it nearly impossible for anyone to miss any important information during any kind of meeting. The best part is that the device can do all of this without needing to use up that much energy.

Utilizes User-Friendly Pen Software

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Demonstration of Pen Software Interface
Source: http://siica.sharpusa.com/AQUOS-BOARD

One of the key features used with the Sharp AQUOS is the Pen Software. Using a touch pen, you can access a special user interface that will let you easily use a number of special functions with the device. To give an example, you can transform words written on the screen into standard text, making it easier for everyone to understand what you are writing.

On top of this, the Pen Software also allows you to immediately do a web search for any word you have written down, which will make it easy to find information on a topic you are discussing. You will also be able to easily undo or redo any action you make on the document you are working on. All the functions can be arranged in the interface to fit your personal needs, which will help you a great deal when you prefer using specific tools.


If you’ve been looking for business products that can help make your company’s meetings more interactive, the Sharp AQUOS will get the job done. Want to learn more about what it has to offer?

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